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Once upon a time in a faraway land...
a young prince lived alone but had everything his heart desired...
um... except parents apparently.
The Prince was only 11 years old.
I think it's not completely clear anyway
He was a super selfish spoiled brat
But weirdly, despite a large staff, he still answers his own castle door
One night a haggard old lady showed up needing shelter,
but the prince dismissed her who being super ugly
Suddenly she became a beautiful enchantress
So the prince immediately slammed the door
because well he saw suicide squad and that movie sucked.
Belle, are you happy here with me?
Well... Yes.
What is it? If only I could see my father again. I miss him so much.
Hmm... Well, you can!
You can look at him in my magic mirror
Uh but that's silly. Just bring him here.
Like to live?
Yeah this castle is huge and he already knows about us.
He should just live here with us.
Do you mean it?
Of course!
I mean unless you want to go back to your provincial life.
No! That town thinks we're crazy!
I sang a whole song about it and wanting more than that stupid place,
Then it's settled! You and your dad will live here!
But not as my prisoners, but as guest. hehe.
haw haw haw
Be.... Our.....
No! No, stop. We're talking.
Oh Beast! I love you!
At least I got to see you one last time.
I love you.
Ooooh! I've still been stabbed!
Oh no!
Yeah Gaston stabbed me in the kidneys ah and shot me with an arrow!
Eeehh I'm still dying.
Sadly the curse said nothing not puncture wounds
Beast! I love you!
Also... my name is not Beast you know.
You never introduced yourself.
Well you never asked either.
I'm sorry.
You really are a funny...
I'm deaaaaad.
Well at least we aren't furniture anymore!
Prison Guest!
Prison Guest!
Stockholm syndrome is the BEST!
Oh wait. No, no, it's not my dear.
this beast you should detest.
Candles and clocks sing and twirl
Let their master's plan unfurl.
The accessories are accessory to kidnapping a girl,
But they're cursed so it's cool!
Come on girl don't be a fool.
Dancing and birdseed should not impress
A messed up love story!
Belle has a thing for Beasts.
Prison guest! Prison Guest! PRISON GUEST!


How Beauty and the Beast Should Have Ended (1991)

9397 タグ追加 保存
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