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  • Rob Hello I'm Rob. Welcome to 6 Minute English. I'm joined today by Finn. Hi Finn.

    Rob こんにちは。6 Minute Englishへようこそ。今日はフィンが参加します。こんにちは、フィンです。

  • Finn Hello Rob.

    フィン こんにちはロブ

  • Rob Today we're talking about something we have some expertise in or knowledge about. That's teaching English.

    Rob 今日は、私たちが専門的な知識や知識を持っていることについてお話します。それは英語を教えることです。

  • Finn That's right Rob. We work on the BBC's Learning English website - hopefully giving people around the world a helping hand in learning a language that isn't the one they usually use.

    フィン そうですね、ロブです。私たちはBBCのLearning Englishのウェブサイトを運営しています。

  • Rob Well hopefully we're about to make that learning journey a bit easier as we launch a brand new online course


  • But how long does it take someone to become a fluent speaker of English?


  • Finn A good question Rob and one we'll try to answer today.

    フィン いい質問だねロブ、今日中に答えよう。

  • We'll also be discussing some general ways to make learning English easier


  • and explaining some learning-related vocabulary along the way. So let's get started Rob.


  • Rob Hold your horses Finnnot so fast! I have a question to ask you first

    ロブ 慌てないで フィン - そんなに速くないよ!最初に聞きたいことがある

  • According the last UK census taken in 2011, what percentage of the British population speaks a first language that is not English?


  • a) 1.7% b) 7.7% c) 14.7%

    a) 1.7% b) 7.7% c) 14.7

  • Finn That's an interesting one. My first guess is c) 14.7%.

    フィン 興味深いですね。私の最初の推測では、c) 14.7%です。

  • Rob We'll find out if you are right or wrong later. So now we can discuss how learning English is getting easier.

    Rob あなたが正しいか間違っているかは後から分かるでしょう。これで、英語の学習がいかに簡単になったかを議論することができるようになりました。

  • Of course there are a huge number of publicationsbooks, leaflets and magazines


  • that can help teach you but there are those people who say that you can't beat the real thing – a teacher. Someone who can explain a language to you face-to-face.

    それはあなたを教えるのに役立つことができますが、あなたは本物のものを打つことができないことを言う人たちがいます - 教師。直接会って言語を説明してくれる人です。

  • Finn Yes but that comes at a cost and isn't always practicalyou might not have a school nearby.

    フィン はい、でもそれにはコストがかかりますし、必ずしも実用的ではありません。

  • That's why in the 21st Century, online seems to be the main method of learning. Technology is allowing the English language to come to you!


  • Rob That's true and that's why we've launched a brand new English course that's available on a computer, tablet or mobile phone

    ロブ その通りです。だからこそ、コンピュータ、タブレット、携帯電話で利用できる新しい英語コースを立ち上げました。

  • It's aimed at intermediate learners and charts a pathway through the various aspects of the language.


  • Finn We hope that by committing around 15 minutes a day to using it, a learner will see a real improvement in their English knowledge and skill

    フィン 1日15分程度の使用で、学習者が英語の知識とスキルの向上を実感できることを期待しています。

  • But as well as using the resources available online, how else can someone help themselves to get a better grasp – a better understanding - of English?


  • Rob Well if someone wants to become a confident speaker of English, trainer Richard Hallows has some tips.

    Rob Well 誰かが自信を持って英語を話せるようになりたいと思っているなら、トレーナーのRichard Hallowsはいくつかのヒントを持っています。

  • Have a listen and see if you can hear what are the two main aspects of English that you need.


  • Richard Hallowstrainer in speaking English Most importantly, you've got to have a a good range of vocabulary and grammar.

    Richard Hallows - 英語を話すトレーナー 最も重要なことは、語彙と文法の範囲が広くなければならないということです。

  • You need to know lots of words, the more words you know the better, obviously. And similarly with grammar, the more grammar you have the better you can explain yourself


  • We also need to think about pronunciation - learners of English often worry about speaking like a native speakerit's not necessary to have a native accent.


  • Rob OK, so Richard says you need a good rangeor a wide variety - of vocabulary and grammar.

    Rob OK, だからリチャードは、あなたにはそれなりの語彙や文法が必要だと言っています。

  • The more words you know the more you can sayand the more grammar you know, the better you can say it


  • Finn Or even write it! One other tip is don't try to sound like a nativeso someone who speaks English as a first language


  • All these are things we aim to cover in our new course.


  • Rob Our new course might be a big help to you if you need English for your work, or if you're studying in English,

    Rob 私たちの新しいコースは、仕事で英語が必要な方や、英語で勉強している方にとって、大きな助けになるかもしれません。

  • or if you're planning to visit or even live in the UK


  • The British government expects immigrants to reach ESOL Entry 3 or B1 level, before they can be granted citizenship


  • It's equivalent to being able to hold a reasonably confident basic conversation.


  • Finn Well in the UK it's estimated that you need around 360 hours of study to get to that stage from not knowing any English at all

    フィン イギリスでは、英語を全く知らない状態からその段階に到達するには、約360時間の勉強が必要だと言われています。

  • But this depends on a number of factors such as motivationhow much you want to learn


  • Rob And age can be a factor. Some experts say it's common for children under the age of 11 to be very immersed and be fluent in English in about six months

    ロブ そして、年齢も要因になります。ある専門家によると、11歳未満の子供は、約6ヶ月で英語に没頭し、流暢になるのが一般的だと言います。

  • But why should someone choose to learn English? This is something we've been asking you on our Facebook page


  • Finn Oussama says: "It's like my passport. You need it wherever you go."

    Finn Oussamaは言います: "It's like my passport.どこに行っても必要です。

  • Rob Suzuki says: "It is an international communication tool."

    Rob Suzuki氏は次のように述べています。

  • Finn Ha thinks it's: "The key to getting a good job with a high salary."


  • Rob And Denis says: "It's the language that opens doors overseas." Thanks for all of your messages.

    Rob And Denis says: "It's the language that opens doors abroad." Thanks for all of your messages.

  • Finn But now Rob, I need to know if I got today's question right.

    フィン でもロブ、今日の質問が正しかったかどうか知りたいんだ。

  • Rob Yes. I asked you, according the last UK census taken in 2011, what percentage of the British population speaks a first language that is not English?

    ロブ はい。私はあなたに尋ねたのですが、2011年に行われた最後のイギリスの国勢調査によると、イギリスの人口の何%が英語以外の第一言語を話しますか?

  • Finn I said 14.7%.


  • Rob You were wrong. The census found 7.7% per cent of people in the UK have a first language that is not English

    ロブ あなたは間違っていました。国勢調査によると、イギリスでは7.7%の人が英語以外の言語を第一言語としていることがわかりました。

  • That's 4.2 million people.


  • Well, that's it for today. Don't forget to check our new website at Happy learning!

    さて、それは今日のためのそれです。Don't forget to check our new website atハッピー学習

Rob Hello I'm Rob. Welcome to 6 Minute English. I'm joined today by Finn. Hi Finn.

Rob こんにちは。6 Minute Englishへようこそ。今日はフィンが参加します。こんにちは、フィンです。

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