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  • Rob Hello and welcome to 6 Minute English. I'm Rob

    Rob こんにちは、6 Minute Englishにようこそ。私はロブです...

  • Finnand I'm Finn. Hello


  • Rob Hello, Finn. Now, you like food don't you?

    ロブ こんにちは、フィン食べ物は好きだよね?

  • Finn Yes, I do.

    フィン そうだな

  • Rob But how much of it do you actually throw away?

    ロブ でも実際にどれくらい捨てるんですか?

  • Finn Probably too much although I'm trying to get better at that, Rob.

    フィン 多分、やりすぎだと思うけど、ロブ、もっと上手くなりたいんだ。

  • Rob I'm asking you this because many people around the world throw away food that's still good enough to eat

    ロブ 私がこれを聞いているのは、世界中の多くの人々が食べるためにまだ十分に良い食べ物を捨てているからです。

  • this food waste could feed millions of other people. That's what we're talking about today as well as looking at some related vocabulary.


  • Finn Yes, food waste is a big problem.

    フィン そうですね、生ゴミは大きな問題です。

  • We stock up on food that we don't really need, and we're often tempted by supermarkets to consumeor to eatmore.

    私たちは、私たちが本当に必要としていない食品をストックアップし、私たちはしばしば消費するためにスーパーマーケットで誘惑されている - または食べるために - より多くの。

  • Rob Before we talk more about this, let's find out what you know about food waste.

    ロブ この話をする前に、生ゴミについて知っていることを調べてみましょう。

  • So, do you know, according to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation, what percentage of food is actually wasted?


  • a) 25% b) 33% c) 50%

    (a) 25% (b) 33% (c) 50%.

  • Finn 50%, I seem to remember that. I might be wrong.


  • Rob We'll find out if you're right or wrong later on.

    ロブ あなたが正しいか間違っているかは後で分かるでしょう。

  • But now, here's another figure for you: In Europe, people throw away 100 million tonnes of food every year.


  • Finn Wow, such a waste. Most of this food just ends up rotting in landfill sites and that adds to another problemit creates greenhouse gases.

    フィン うわー、もったいない。食べ物のほとんどは埋め立て地で腐ってしまうだけで、それが温室効果ガスを発生させてしまうという別の問題を抱えています。

  • Rob It does. But the problem isn't just us throwing away leftovers in the fridge or cupboard,

    ロブ それはそうです。しかし、問題は私たちだけではなく、冷蔵庫や食器棚の残り物を捨てることではありません。

  • as we can hear now from BBC reporter Caroline Hepker. What are the other reasons that lead to food being wasted?

    BBCのレポーター キャロライン・ヘプカー氏の話を 聞くことができます食品が無駄になる他の理由は何でしょうか?

  • Caroline Hepker, BBC Reporter Typically, supermarkets demand that onions are about two to two-and-a-quarter inches in diameter.

    キャロライン・ヘプカー、BBCレポーター 通常、スーパーマーケットは玉ねぎの直径が約2~2.4インチであることを要求している。

  • This one will get pretty close to it but this one is too small, although it is perfectlyedible.


  • The question is, what happens to it then? Food waste is a huge issue in America


  • 40% of all food goes uneaten and it's a problem that starts long before you get to the dining-room table.


  • Finn Another staggering figure there Rob – 40% of all food in America goes uneaten

    フィン もう一つの驚異的な数字があります ロブ - アメリカのすべての食品の40%が食べられないままになります。

  • it doesn't get eaten.And she explained that supermarkets are partly to blame.


  • Rob Yes. We all love the convenience, the price and the choice of food that supermarkets offer

    ロブ はい。私たちは皆、スーパーマーケットが提供する利便性、価格、食品の選択を愛しています。

  • but a lot of food is binnedthrown outlong before it reaches the shelves.

    - しかし、多くの食品は棚に届くずっと前に捨てられています。

  • Finn The reporter gave the example of onions:

    フィン 記者は玉ねぎの例を挙げた。

  • if they're the wrong size, they can't be sold; they're thrown away even though theyre good enough to eator edible.


  • Rob There are many other types of fruit and vegetables that are discarded

    ロブ 捨てられる果物や野菜の種類は他にもたくさんあります。

  • or thrown awaybecause of their shape and size. And that's our fault really, because we often think food that looks good is better quality.


  • Finn Another issue is the 'sell by' and 'use by' dates printed on food packaging.

    Finn もう一つの問題は、食品包装に印刷されている販売期限と使用期限です。

  • They confuse customers


  • Anything older than the 'sell by' date makes us think it’s old and the food has gone off, but in fact this is just the date supermarket wants to sell it by.

    'sell by'の日付よりも古いものは、古くて食品がなくなってしまったと思わせてしまいますが、実はこれはスーパーが売りたがっている日付に過ぎません。

  • Rob And there is another reason why some of us are encouraged to buy too much food.

    ロブ そして、私たちの一部があまりにも多くの食べ物を購入することを奨励されている別の理由があります。

  • Have a listen to working mum, Tara Sherbrooke, about her shopping habits and see if you can hear what the problem is.


  • Finn Also, see if you can hear what she does to try and minimise food waste.

    フィン また、彼女が何をしているか聞くことができるかどうかを参照してください。

  • Tara Sherbrooke I try very hard to meal-plan because as a working mum and having a busy family, I really try to make sure that there’s enough food at the beginning of the week

    Tara Sherbrooke 私は仕事をしているママであり、忙しい家庭を持っているので、週の初めに十分な量の食事があることを確認するように心がけています。

  • I find it very difficult to walk pass two-for-one offers especially on things that we use


  • I even find it hard to walk past them when they're items I’ve never purchased before – I stop and look!

    私も、彼らは私が以前に購入したことがないアイテムであるときには、彼らの前を通るのは難しいと見つける - 私は立ち止まって見ています

  • Finn So she is a busy working mum and she tries to meal-plan

    フィン 彼女は忙しい働くママで、食事の計画を立てようとしています。

  • she plans the family's meals for the week and works out what to buy.


  • Rob But she still gets tempted by the two-for-one offers.

    ロブ でも彼女はまだ2対1のオファーに 誘惑されているんだ

  • That's when you buy one item and you get another one of the same item for free.


  • Finn Buy-one-get-one-freeor as it's sometimes known, BOGOF!

    フィン 1-1-get-one-free - または、時々知られているように、BOGOF!

  • You can get a bargain but it also means we sometimes buy too much of something.


  • If it's fresh produce, it might go off before you get to use it all.


  • Rob But in other parts of the world people struggle to buy even the most basic food

    ロブ しかし、世界の他の地域では、人々は最も基本的な食品さえも買うのに苦労しています。

  • A report by the UN's Food and Agricultural Organisation found that there is enough food for everyone,


  • just a lot of inefficiency. So what can be done?


  • Finn Well things are being done. Apps and websites that distribute excess food are becoming more popular


  • Rob And food banks are being set up too. These are charitable organisations people donate food to

    ロブ そしてフードバンクも設立されています。これらは、人々が食べ物を寄付する慈善団体です。

  • It's then distributed to those who have difficulty buying their own food.


  • And one trial project in New York requires the city's restaurants to stop sending food waste to landfills by 2015.


  • But at the moment, globally, there's still a lot of food being thrown away. And Finn, I asked you how much? Is it 25%, 33% or 50% of all food produced?


  • Finn I said half – 50%.


  • Rob According to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation, the answer is 33%. Still not good

    ロブ 国連食糧農業機関によると、答えは33%です。まだ良くない

  • It also found the amount of land needed to grow all the food wasted in the world each year would be the size of Mexico


  • Well, that brings us to the end of today's 6 Minute English. We hope you enjoyed today’s programme.


  • Please join us again soon.


  • Both Bye.


Rob Hello and welcome to 6 Minute English. I'm Rob

Rob こんにちは、6 Minute Englishにようこそ。私はロブです...

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