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From the FT on a historic day in London,
here's the latest on markets.
Now if you didn't know that today is the day the UK kicks off the two-year divorce process with the EU,
then really, where have you been?
Nonetheless, the event does seem to be eating into sterling.
Having swept lower yesterday, the pound has continued to weaken today, or a bit mildly
against both the euro and the dollar.
It seems inconceivable that anyone could be taken by surprise
by the triggering of the Article 50 divorce clause.
So why is the currency dipping?
Well, it's certainly vulnerable here.
Having held a range for several months,
a sour response from the EU could easily prompt a fresh leg lower.
But a large part of it is also about the dollar,
which is back on the up after a serious wobble at the start of the week in the Trump trade.
The buck is strong against euro and other major currencies too.
That makes a weaker pound.
And a generally more upbeat turn in stocks helps explain why the FTSE is also on the up.
Lastly, again, the rand is falling as
concerns that President Zuma could unseat his finance minister won't go away.


Pound falling as UK starts Brexit | Market Minute

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