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hello my name is leo lytel I am 15 years old and I'm single
I've been single
let's see here pretty much my whole life
pretty sure it's because I'm unemployed
I live at home with my parents and I
don't have a car
these are all big red flag that's why
don't get much attention on match.com
I do however have a lot of success on
tinder where I am a buff 28 year old
georgetown medical student with a
portion of trust but now i'm a
teenager's on in that awkward phase of
life i'm kind of a mutant creature part
adult parts child but I look back on the
early years of childhood fondly you know
those good old memories like when you
get in the van and turns out the man
doesn't have any candy course nowadays
can you won't cut it we're in the 21st
century you need something like free
Wi-Fi . the Annie that's really all the
kid wants anymore speaking from
experience. and I want to thank my mom
and dad for being so supportive of my
comedy my mom helps me book gigs and my
dad helps me write my material so I like
to think I'm pretty far along in the
entertainment industry because I've got
two things that a lot of people strive
to have I have a Jewish writer and my
agent of the girls to sleep with you
Thank you. I'm really like
don't worry i know what you think in Harry Potter
had the nasty quidditch accident
you know I can't stand sorry sorry let
me emphasize you know what I can't stand
look on the bright side i've never had
too cute disney land
now just I'm just gonna throw a
disclaimer out there if I do get too
energetic please stop me I want to keep
my benefits
otherwise how would I hate the Jacuzzi
I'm joking I'm joking it's a pool
they're always at the cinema seen the
new james bond film of the day and then
it got me thinking you know maybe i
would like to about a girl you know been
james bond but obviously i'm a bit
inhibited ah Mr Bond
I've been expecting you
no lift
but this isn't the first britain's got
talent event have been too i was
actually at live tour in manchester funnily
around two years ago and the stuff they
couldn't be more helpful moving people
out the wake getting into a seat and
then we finally got there the view was
just fantastic and we sat down and my
sister she tapped me on the shoulder
turn around and I'll never forget this
as long as I live
she said Jack we are so lucky are
disabled you cannot take you anywhere
thank you very much I have been jack held goodbye
so a lot of people around here know me
as a pretty friendly and outgoing kid
some means say I'm a little too chidlish
have this thing called ADHD if you don't
know what that stands for its attention
deficit hyperactive oh hey hey hey man
now folks I might be only six but i
think i know a thing or two about girls
an important thing to know about girls is that they
say one thing but always mean another
my mom for instance she always tells me
to call her mom and I came to find out wow
that's not even her real name
here now and I like to open a fire
station recently was there when the
firefighters was giving a demonstration
on fire safety he held a smoke detector
asked anyone knew what is for and i put
my liver said it's what my dad uses to
tell you where the dinner is ready
I work with my grandad the other day to see
one of his friends who just celebrated
his 90th birthday and even tho he is blind
he has always wanted to do a charity
parachute jump so his family arranged him to
do one on his birthday so I say how'd it
he said oh it was great but we got a
joke was absolutely 204
exactly flexing so I'm going to leave
you with one last thing what if the
hokey cokey is what it's all about
what an honor to be auditioning in front
of the best judges in the world here at
america's got talent but i have to say
though it took me such a long time to
get here in front of you when i first
got here and saw the line of people
waiting to audition
my father said to me wow this is so much
longer than i expected it to be the last
time I heard those words I was on my
doctor getting a physical
so I have some exciting news I just
had my first date a girl from my class
came over to my house the other day and
as her mother was leaving she told my
friend remember you're allergic to nuts
all i can think even said the tricky
all i can think to myself was well there
go my plans for the afternoon
for a long time I want to be circus
performer and my parents even sent me to
circus camp i learned how to juggle how
to ride a unicycle and I came home from
camp one day telling my mother I wanted
to learn a new trick I wanted to learn
how to be a sword swallower she said no
way will let you do other things
you're not gonna let you be a sword
swallower word so I was upset and I want
to talk to my dad about this he said i'm
not surprised your mother hasn't been
interesting sword swallowing since we got
I was going to come on the show with my
dogs because dogs do tend to win a lot i
had a spelling test the other day and I said to
my teacher you know what I had it so what
if a can't spell Armageddon it's not the end
of the world I come from a slightly
wealthy area so every night when they do come
home from school I have to cook for your
supermarket to get home because it's a
safe way I like to leave my audience on
a high note
america's got talent this is amazing I
wouldn't miss this for the world I even
turned out a really big job to be here
yeah have you ever seen disney channel
well i was gonna babysit two little
girls i really like Disney Channel
let's talk about that for a minute i am
not a high school graduate
I haven't even been to high school I
don't have a driver's license I can't
even sit in the front seat still on
safety scissors people you are going to
leave your beloved child the one who's
caring on your name to the next
generation with me
my only qualification to be a babysitter
is that I used to be a baby that's like
saying you're sick a lot you want to be
my doctor the host of reality show
you'll want to be President of the
United States


The Funniest Kids on Got Talent! | Got Talent Global

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