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Tiger Woods Inspiring Youth
What pressure is it to be a
golf icon
to kids?
I mean kids who wanna play
and they look up to Tiger Woods
I mean is that a lot of pressure when you play?
No its not but I think it’s exciting
that we are now seeing a younger demographic
come out to the game of golf.
When I played high school golf
golfers were looked down upon
You weren’t cool, "You play golf ?" Oh!
But that’s now changing
and I think what’s facilitated it is obviously my participation
in the game but also I think other athletes
playing the game of golf,
i.e the coolest athlete
that we’ve ever seen in my generation was Michael Jordan.
All he does is play golf!
And kids pick up on that
and they say “hey you know if he’s doing that,
you know maybe I should give it a try”
I think that’s
why you’re seeing so many young kids now playing golf
some of the young kids out at golf tournaments
and on top of that there’s been a big switch
at tour events to cater to families.
Family packages, kids get in free from twelve and under.
We are trying to get more youth involved in the game
and in order to do that lets get them inspired by coming out to Tour events
and I think that’s what’s helped
grow the game of golf at a younger age.
Tell us about the Tiger Woods foundation.
An incredible foundation
that you’ve started, launched for a few years now
and it's going extremely well.
Great work, tell us about it.
Well we’ve taken underserved kids
and given them hope
but also the tools to follow their dreams.
Kids who learn, who go through the programme, they learn
the stem - science, technology, engineering and math.
We’ve seen some amazing results around the country
and they’ve gone on to Harvard, UCLA, SC, CAL.
For a lot of these kids no one in their family has ever gone to college
and now they’re the first ones to ever go,
To me, that’s incredible
and if they wanna go and become a golfer,
so be it we’ll help them in that regard as well
but it’s not the end of all things if you don’t become a golfer.
was down the list when I was growing up as a kid
it was always school came first.
It's one of the reasons why I went to Stanford
instead of other Universities
it because school always came first
and so we’ve done some amazing things so far
but we’re just getting started on this is now
starting to get rolling.
We’re starting to get some pretty good momentum
so I’m very excited about that.
Another Rolex Rendezvous


若者を励ます-Rolex Rendezvous (Tiger Woods: Inspiring Youth - Rolex Rendezvous)

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