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  • Hello there!

  • This is theSounds Americanchannel.

  • In this video we're going to talk about the American vowel sound /ʊ/,

  • as in the word "put."

  • You can also hear this sound in words like

  • "push,"

  • "book,"

  • "wolf,"

  • or "could."

  • Well be using a special phonetic symbol - /ʊ/ - for this sound.

  • The /ʊ/ sound exists in less than 20% of the world's languages

  • that's why people often confuse it with the /u/ sound, as in the word "blue."

  • Let's see if you can distinguish between them

  • Can you tell the difference?

  • If you're not quite sure, let's start with learning how to make the /ʊ/ sound.

  • OK.

  • To pronounce the /ʊ/ sound, you should focus on the correct position of your jaw, lips, and tongue.

  • Slightly open your mouth, round your lips, and relax them.

  • Pull your tongue back in your mouth and relax it.

  • Lift the back of your tongue toward the roof of your mouth.

  • Remember, the /ʊ/ is a relaxed sound, so your tongue and lips should be relaxed,

  • and your tongue should be pulled back.

  • Now let’s try saying it:

  • /ʊ/

  • /ʊ/

  • /ʊ/

  • Now, let’s practice this sound in some words.

  • Youll see a word on a screen and hear its pronunciation.

  • Like this:

  • Youll have a few seconds to pronounce the word, if you want to.

  • [sound prompt to start speaking]

  • Let’s begin!

  • Youre done!

  • Congratulations!

  • By the way, did you know that the /ʊ/ sound is most frequently written as the letter “u”?

  • The /ʊ/ sound is represented by the letter “u,” as in the wordput,” in 45% of cases.

  • Almost the same percentage of words with this sound is written as the combination of the lettersoo,”

  • as in the wordbook.”

  • The remaining 10% are split between the letter “o,” as in the wordwolf,”

  • and the combination of the lettersou,” as in the wordcould.”

  • Thanks for watching!

  • Hope you find it useful.

  • Stay tuned on our Sounds American channel!

Hello there!


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母音の音/ʊ / "置く "のように - アメリカ英語の発音 (Vowel Sound / ʊ / as in “put” - American English Pronunciation)

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