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Everyone Welcome again to another session of MindzGroupTech
We are going to start on our topic AngularJS with ASP.Net MVC
but before we start building our application on AngularJS and ASP.Net MVC
We have to see what all prerequisites are there
which we need to have for this session we are going to use Visual Studio 2015 in
the session but if you have Visual Studio 2013 that is
also fine you can use that
along with Visual Studio we will be using bower
to install and manage our dependencies the libraries like AngularJS and Bootstrap
and jQuery whatever javascript frameworks or libraries
are required we will be using bower to install them
in Visual Studio we may require a few extensions to Visual Studio
the most popular and common one which I generally use
during my web development or application development are
power tools for Visual Studio and web essentials for Visual Studio
I will be showing you all those prerequisites one by one
I have already written a blog posts related to those dependencies
you can go ahead and read that blog post I will be sharing this link in the description
of this video if you are interested you can go through this
blog post here i am talking about Web Essentials and
Productivity Power Tools as extension to Visual Studio
and along with that nodejs which is required to install bower
and Bower as a package manager for our project so let's see what is bower
bower is a library of packages and tools and components which are essential for web application
development it can be used to install dependencies in
a project whether it is a Visual Studio project or a
simple static web application to install bower you would require NodeJS
you can install NodeJS from this site Once you have downloaded and installed NodeJS
Let's go your favourite terminal window I am using PowerShell
to check whether NodeJS is properly installed we have to go
and enter this command and it tells me the version of npm installed
npm is a node package manager which installs required libraries and components which are
helpful in your development now i will tell you how to install bower
to install bower we have to use npm install globally bower
i have already installed bower so i am not going to install it again
but i will show you to check if bower is installed or not
you just enter bower and press enter if this kind of output is coming over there
that means bower is already installed
if you want to check the version of bower type this command and it will tell you which
version of bower you have installed on my machine it is 1.8.0
once you have bower installed you can utilise the power of bower
to install dependencies just like Angular, jQuery, Bootstrap
all those kind of libraries you can install for a given project
so let's create a simple directory i will navigate to d:
change to this directory now in this directory we are going to install
for example bootstrap so we have to type bower install bootstrap
click enter and it is going to download the required packages
from internet and going to put all those contents in bower_components
folder of this particular directory let's see
we have bower components and under bower components we have bootstrap
now bootstrap requires internally jQuery it has a dependency on jQuery so jQuery is
also installed along with that like this you can go and manager your dependencies
when we will be starting our application in Visual Studio
we will be using bower similar to this and importing out dependencies into the project
so let's start with our next video where we be building ASP.Net application with
minimal required dependencies to build an AngularJS application
thanks for watching have a nice day


AngularJS with ASP.Net MVC - Part 01

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