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Hi guys!
So, Valentine's day was on Tuesday
and because it was a working day, we couldn't celebrate on that day.
But, today is a Friday
and we both don't work on Fridays.
So we're planning to go out and explore the city.
We actually don't have a set plan at the moment.
But we're just going to fluke it and see how we go.
Yeh, we'll show you what we end up doing.
One thing we love to do as a couple
is to go eat lots of yummy food.
So we decided to spend the day
trying out different restaurants
that we hadn't tried before.
First, we went to this local cafe for brunch.
Afterwards, we popped by this patisserie
that I had been wanting to try for a long time.
If you look up their Instagram,
they've got some of the cutest photos.
I couldn't help but get the strawberry rabbit
because it was so cute!
and...it's also my animal zodiac.
Anton decided to go for the penguin
because he's a huge black sesame fan.
This one's strawberry...
...and then this one...
...is black sesame.
It was a really hot day
so we decided to find a place
to explore, that was out of the heat.
We ended up visiting the Wildlife Zoo in Darling Harbour.
Can you spot the crocodile?
To be honest, I was a little bit disappointed with this place
as it was quite small.
But we did still manage to spend a couple of hours exploring.
*laughs* The owl's like: "What's he doing?"
Yeh! What's he doing?!
A: Here it comes again... W: Yeh, it's telling the bilby to stay away.
*laughs* The owl hates him
but he just keeps running around and around.
This crocodile
was probably the highlight.
I'd never been this close to a crocodile before.
The next day, I spent a day out with the girls
celebrating one of my girlfriend's birthdays.
This one was the Mango Yuzu
W: Strawberry? Was it? S: Yep, Strawberry.
Chocolate...and that was Lamington.
This is a very famous dessert bar in Sydney.
Made famous, by one of the Masterchef contestants.
I especially liked the Strawberry
and the Mango & Yuzu cake.
Just outside the dessert bar
is Spice Alley.
Doesn't this place remind you of Malaysia or Singapore?
We weren't exactly hungry yet,
so we decided to go for a walk
to one of our favourite restaurants in Chinatown.
Afterwards, we went for a couple of drinks.
After all, it was a day to celebrate.
Everyone: Cheers!
This is King Street Wharf
where a number of harbour cruises depart.
This was where we were meeting up with the other girls
to board the Sydney Showboats cruise
for dinner.
To be honest,
our experience wasn't the best.
Service was pretty bad
and the food was nothing special.
But, we did have an amazing view.
No matter how many times I see it,
I'm still amazed
by how beautiful this harbour is.
Thanks for watching guys,
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See you in the next video!


February Foodie Adventures: We Love Food! - Places to Eat in Sydney

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