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Daniel? I need you to get me something from my bag?
- It's 9am.. - It's 6am here, Stop being Lazy
I have an interview today but the address was changed. and I wrote it in my note book.
ummm problem
did you lose the bag again?
No~ You have a lock on it. what is your combination?
I can't give you my combination~?
Al..right~? I'm going back to bed then.
NO! NO!!! wait..
haa.. Dang it..
Well, what if I give you my combination and make it fair? Does that work?
ah.. I guess so...
- Just promise me you won't go through any of my stuff, okay? - of course
haaa, Okay
- Okay, My combinations is.. - Got it!
- wait.. how did you..? - 0000!?
isn't that the default combination?
Yah~ because that's the last thing and I would what think of...
- umm.. actually I need something from my bag too. - Alright~
it's like..
A women's department store exploded in here.
Whatever~! At least my bag isn't really..
Was that a comback?
You are uptight~
What is that you need? Assuming I can even find it in here..
It's a small notebook and there is an address on the last page.
wow, You do a lot of writing.
Just last page, Daniel No wandering eyes!
Sorry~ I just think it's kind of cool, that's all.
Are you a writer?
umm, Aspiring~ That's what the interview is for. A big magazine.
What about you?
I'm a location scout.
What's that?
Basically, I help find the places for film shoots.
I take pictures of the conditions throughout the day.
sounds like fun~
yeah I can be
Sometimes, it feels like I am just waiting for the sun and stars to move.
Wow~ how poetic~
I thought you like stars though.
You made such a big deal about Gemini last time.
Ah, that? That's just something I got into on the side.
Sorry, about that again.
Anyway I think I found it. Is it this Long Beach address?
Oh! Yeah!!
Awesome! Thank you so much~
Good Luck with your interview~ See you soon.
oh yeah~.. See you soon.
That, was the Cheesiest conversation I've ever heard in my life.
well.. no, no
As long as, you are staying in my place while visiting LA, we are in Roommate mode.
and roommates, tell each other everything!
I honestly don't even know what to think, I mean.. It was just..
come on, charming, cute guy~
He was not charming and I don't even remember he was cute.
Are you excited to meet him?
umm yes..? no..? I don't know~!
Look, Jean
You are dying...
No, I am NOT
Okay find. Maybe you are not. But what if you were!! You have to seize the day!!
I thought I was Lynn. I mean, up until couple of nights ago, I was ready to meet up with Jeremy out here.
Wait, my cousin Jeremy? or your ex-boyfriend Jeremy? Because I don't think my cousin Jeremy is really your type.
You know he is really Ugly.
My ex. I even wrote him a letter.
uh~ You wrote a Letter!
Do you want me to call a messenger~ Pigeon
I was feeing really emotional, I just thought it would be more sentimental to write it by hand.
You can not get back together with that guy! Let me read it!
Roommate Mode!!
Fine.. I just left it in my,,
- No! - What!?
Daniel has my bag!
- so? you will see him in a couple of days? - uh.. yeah...
You are right...
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Away We Happened Ep 2 - WongFu Productions X AT&T - Korean Sub by One1sh

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Nga Liberty 2017 年 3 月 11 日 に公開
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