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  • You see that?

  • You see that pressure, Deuce?

  • That's too much pressure.

  • That's too much pressure.

  • Yup, good.

  • Gonna make him earn this one.

  • Nice, hit that.

  • Just signed my contract.

  • Coming back with the Lakers for four more years.

  • I've been working with Drew all summer out here in L.A.

  • Working on a lot of things.

  • Improving my three-point shot,

  • doing other stuff off the dribble, behind the line

  • Being able to create space and working on hesitation and slowing down.

  • I've put a lot of time in this summer just trying to be great.

  • Working with Drew as well as at the facility working with some of my other teammates

  • and my new coaches.

  • It's been a long summer, I've been trying to get after it.

  • I'm trying to be the best that I can be for my team

  • Lock in Big J!

  • There are a lot of critics and doubters.

  • A lot of people saying that we're going to finish last in the league

  • because we're young and don't have much experience,

  • but we don't want to lose.

  • We're hungry to win, so it's frustrating losing.

  • Nobody likes to be a loser so we're out here working.

  • and trying to change things.

  • My chip on my shoulder has never left.

  • I still feel like I have a big one.

  • It's still keeps me hungry and it still keeps me driving.

  • I'm still not stopping until, I hopefully one day become an All-Star.

  • That's a big goal set for me

  • and at the same time I want to be great

  • so that's why I put the work in.

You see that?


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