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  • Hi kids, gather round.

  • It’s Fairy Tale time...

  • actually this one is a folk tale

  • or a fairy tale for Folks

  • or a Folk tale for fairies

  • either way it’s a good one!

  • Let’s call it Folk Tale Time!

  • This one is about American legend,

  • Johnny Appleseed!

  • Are you ready? Let’s go!

  • Once upon a time

  • (September 26, 1774, to be exact!)

  • a little boy named Johnny Appleseed was born!

  • Well, they didn’t call him Johnny Appleseed back then.

  • His real name was John Chapman.

  • Little Johnny Chapman grew up and decided to go explore the country.

  • Remember, this was over 200 years ago,

  • so he didn’t get in his car

  • or fly in a plane,

  • or even take the bus...

  • Johnny took off on foot!

  • And not only did he go on foot,

  • he went BAREFOOT!

  • Johnny was always barefoot

  • He even went barefoot in the winter!

  • He would walk on snow,

  • and ice,

  • and rocks,

  • like it was a cakewalk!

  • That means something that’s really easy...

  • he didn’t actually walk on cakes.

  • Why would he do that?

  • Cakes are delicious!

  • Anyway, enough about his feet!

  • Let’s get to the apples.

  • See, everywhere Johnny went, he carried a sack full of appleseeds.

  • He walked thousands of miles planting apple trees!

  • Some say he just dropped seeds as he went along,

  • kind of like Hansel and Gretel did with crumbs,

  • but Johnny Appleseed didn’t do that.

  • He planted apple nurseries.

  • Theyre called nurseries because theyre for baby trees!

  • I wonder if Johnny read nursery rhymes to the baby trees?

  • Little Jack Horner sat in a corner,

  • eating an apple pie

  • Oops! I mean blueberry pie!”

  • Pretty soon people all over the country knew the man called Johnny Appleseed.

  • A guy like Johnny is hard to forget.

  • Not only did he go around barefoot, planting apples,

  • he was also had a habit of giving away his clothes to people who needed them.

  • Sometimes he just wore a sack with armholes cut out!

  • But the strangest thing about Johnny’s outfit was his hat.

  • He wore a tin cookpot on his head.

  • You might think that’s strange,

  • but have you ever tried to cook beans in a baseball cap?

  • Forget about it!

  • Johnny looked strange,

  • but that didn’t stop people from loving him.

  • He was kind to children, and kind to the poor.

  • He loved animals and nature (even bugs!)

  • one time he put out his campfire because he saw a mosquito get burned in the flame!

  • Ouch!

  • Sorry bout that!

  • Thanks, Johnny!

  • Johnny Appleseed spent his entire life just planting apples and happiness.

  • Over the years, people shared their stories about him,

  • turning Johnny Appleseed into a legend.

  • The stories grew and spread,

  • just like an apple tree and its seeds,

  • and that’s why we still talk about Johnny Appleseed today.

  • Moral of the story, kids, be nice and share your apples,

  • and maybe youll become a folk hero with a cool nickname!

  • And best of all, you might not have to wear shoes!!

  • Check out more stories, like Mulan right here at Cool School!

  • And don’t forget to subscribe! Bye!

Hi kids, gather round.


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