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It isn't 42 and you don't need sandals and beard to understand that there are 4 things that make life meaningful
Firstly, helping others
The most meaningless life would be to have to roll a boulder up a mountain repeatedly
Because what makes life meaningful is doing something useful for other people
We often think that the nicest thing is to be served
But that is nothing next to the joy of serving others
Fixing their heart
Teaching them trigonometry
Helping them to burp
The meaning of life is service
It's also to make something that's better than we normally are
We're all a bit of a mess, anxious, furious, forgetful
so there's meaning in creating something superior
The train set that's more organized than we are
The garden that's pretty in a way we aren't always
The book that says what we normally can't
Finding out our stuffs work is also meaningful
Gravity, a foreign language, computer code
and best of all, who we are
what drives us,
and what we should aim for
Lastly, meaning comes from connections with others
The opposite of superficial chat is when you show the vulnerable, scared parts of you to another person
The best way to kick-start a meaningful conversation just ask, "What are you really afraid of?"
So that's the meaning of life


The Meaning of Life - in 60 Seconds

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