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The easiest way to build self confidence - there's no magic button. Repetition Repetition Repetition.
I did my speech, I practiced in front of the mirror. Da da da da dadadada - Hey I'm sounding
good! And then I went in front of my kids, then I get in front of the Glen Gool, Oh my
goodness I'm a little more nervous. By the time I get to the ACG, I won't have a single
ounce of nervousness because of my ability to practice. How many of us bail after the
first bit of failure? JK Rowling - you know how many publishers she took her Harry Potter
book to? I believe the number was 12 or 13? I mean 12 times somebody said No. Maybe it
shouldn't be repetition, maybe the answer should be persistence. So that's one way to
build self confidence. The other one is self talk. We all have a self talk tape that plays
in our head. If you're a woman, the first thing that always comes: Damn I look fat in
these pants. And if you're a man, it's the opposite. - Oh God I have no muscle I'm so
flabby. We need to get our own self affirmations. Muhammad Ali, what was his self affirmation?
"I am the greatest!" Who else is going to tell you? We need to reaffirm: I am the captain
of my ship and the master of my fate. How do you build self confidence? Get away from
the people who will tear you down. There's enough of that. Because I make enough mistakes
and people around me will recognize it and they'll tear me down and pretty soon I'll
begin to believe it. There was a time when my confidence was really low. I had to bring
out my self confidence letter. Ivan, congratulations on getting your PhD before 40. Good job on
raising three good kids and marrying the right woman. If you'll watch, you'll see some athletes,
they'll have a little bandage or a little band around them. Lance Armstrong's a perfect
one. Livestrong. He would move that from one arm to the next arm when doubt and fear came
into his mind. We are coaches or educators, we are teachers, we are people who will create
value in the world. I am a coach, I want you to score a goal. Ball went over high. Dangit!
The ball went high! Thank you coach, I know that... Ignore what Johnny does wrong and
find Bob or Sally or Frida over here. Great goal, Frida! I love how you kept your knee
low, you followed through, great job! Johnny's not demoralized, his confidence isn't shot
and what I've done is built up Frida's. Catch them when they're good. We forget it, it's
simple! Last and certainly not least. Self confident people interpret feedback the way
they choose to. I asked my son, how was the game? Oh great! I scored three goals I got
two assists! I'm like I did not see him touch the puck! But he has his own perception of
how he did! If I could give you one thing to take from this, it is: No one will believe
in you unless you do. We're supposed to be different, folks. And when people look at
us, believe in yourself. Thank you.



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