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  • How To Get Handles! Basketball Drills: Ball Handling & Dribbling Drills | Snake

  • what's up guys jesse muench here with get

  • handles .com got three of the

  • best ball handling and dribbling drills

  • you can do to take your handles to the

  • next level

  • ok the first drill we're gonna do is

  • we're gonna set up some cones in a

  • diamond i like to put one of the top of

  • the key wondering about the free-throw

  • line you don't necessarily need to do

  • this but this is just a dribbling drill

  • but basketball is a lot about being able

  • to move in a lot of different angles and

  • being comfortable with that

  • so we're gonna work on that with this

  • drill we're going to work on something

  • that's often overlooked your retreat

  • drivel

  • so what we're going to do is we're going

  • to start with the basketball one hand

  • we're going to attack to the first pone

  • we're going to cross over to the second

  • cone and then we're going to retreat

  • back down the middle to the first call

  • then we're going to keep going the other

  • way attack crossover retreat back attack

  • crossover retreat back okay

  • those are some of the three most common

  • and most needed moves that you need to

  • have and you need to be effective doing

  • your moves on the moves with your

  • dribble moves you can't just be doing

  • anything stationary so working on that

  • first step working on that cross over

  • and working on that retreat

  • alright next we're going to work on some

  • different combo moves using some little

  • more complex hand motions working on

  • different dribble heights and rhythms so

  • for this one we're going to go

  • inside-out killed rebel which basically

  • means a real low dribble real hard real

  • quick so and then we're going to go into

  • a crossover ok so the inside out can be

  • a little bit higher maybe up to about

  • hip or knee height to kill triple we

  • went down by the ankle and then from

  • that we're going to cross over right

  • away coming from low to high to set up

  • for the next inside-out kill dribble

  • crossover going back and forth

  • ok

  • ok and the last longer do is just

  • working a little bit more advanced

  • crossover combinations we're going to go

  • between the legs across town dribble

  • hard reset with a regular speedcross ok

  • so we want to focus on speed a little

  • bit with these so medium speed between

  • the legs cross heart with the pound

  • drivel the more of a regular speed

  • almost slower crossover so we're working

  • on a variety of speech

  • another thing that's overlooked very

  • important with your ball handling

  • make sure you click this link in the top

  • right hand corner screen that's a full

  • free workout as well as some tips to get

  • handles just like the pros i'm going to

  • show you the four main things you need

  • to have so click that link popular email

  • sent to you right away it is free if

  • that subscribe button and get on that

  • notification squats and catch the news

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  • button thanks for watching stay tuned

  • for more and get after your goals today

  • How To Get Handles! Basketball Drills: Ball Handling & Dribbling Drills | Snake

How To Get Handles! Basketball Drills: Ball Handling & Dribbling Drills | Snake


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