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Hey what's up everybody, it's ya boy Motoki Maxted. Back at it again with a new video.
Today I'm visiting my parents out here in the state of Texas.
And fuck it is hot here.
And if you couldn't tell from the title of this video, I'm introducing you to my mom.
Woah! How did you do that mom where did you come from? You know mom, until yesterday,
I hadn't seen you in 7 months. And I also haven't drove in 7 months, so this could be fun.
Tell us a little bit about yourself.
"I'm Motoki's mom, my son Motoki is-"
Alright cool!
So mom I got some questions for you, I'm just going to ask them, you can answer them however
you want. So if you had to pick something that you most like about me, what would you
choose? I know there's a lot to choose from, but if you had to.
"He's very kind person, he likes to take care of someone."
Oh, stop!
What do you least like about me? Wait, don't answer that.
Do you ever stop to think about how weird it is that I came out of your body?
No, I gotta catch some Pokemon mom, there's a freaking Snorlax.
So tell me mom have you ever done drugs before? Don't even act like we didn't do coke together.
Alright we're stopping to get some juice. Mm, mm, yum! Back on the road!
Mom are you slim thick?
"Slim slick?" No, slim thick.
Do you know how to dab? "Dab?" Dab. "No."
So you just go *dabs*.
Take the wheel mom!
What's your favorite memory of me? All time favorite memory of me.
"Ah there is so many." Oh really? I mean whatever, yeah.
I'm a superb driver.
"No no no no." I lied.
This camera will not stop moving.
"Welcome to Mcdonalds how can I help you?" What's up? Can I get ah..
"You need to pay here right?" It says second window, let me live my life mom.
Thank you.
So out of the three kids, who's your favorite?
Me obviously.
Alright mom we gotta do a little freestyle okay? Freestyle rap, you ready?
Okay, alright, here we go.
Hey what's up my name is Motoki, uh-huh yeah that's me, we driving fast, turn the key.
Got my mom on my right and my left turn, blink, blink, blink, flash the lights.
Hit it mom! Go, you gotta go!
Mom I think we need to go to the fire station right now that was too fire.
What's something that you would've done differently like when I was living with you as a kid.
"Maybe I should have given you more chores."
Speed bump.
Red light, patty cake!
Not even looking.
Mom I gotta beatbox, you have to join in okay?
"Ah look at tha-" AH JESUS!
Were you hungry mo-chan?
Yo that dude honked at me, I'm livid. Let's get him mom, let's go beat him, slash his tires.
Mom you want me to have kids one day? "..Maybe."
What if I already have two kids that I forgot to tell you about?
"Here you go!"
Mom what's your ideal girlfriend for me?
Like I'm thinking Kate Upton, Jessica Alba. "Who's that?"
Yeah we're back home! I actually
have a script written for us here that I want you to play the role of Helen. I'll be playing
the role of James. Ready?
Mom, I need to tell you something! "What do you want?"
I got an A- in my English class, are you proud of me?
"That's great honey, but if you think an A- is good, you've got to be kidding me."
It's pretty fun.
Did you have fun today? "Yeah."
Yeah? Good, you better have.
If you guys enjoyed this video, please give me a thumbs up to let me
know, comment if you want, subscribe if you're not already. Thank you guys so much for watching,
I'll see you guys next, Motoki Monday.


母とドライブ(Driving with My Mom)

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