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  • I decided to come to Lancaster because I wanted to come to a campus uni,

  • and it's a really big campus,

  • so, even though you're kind of enclosed there's loads of things to do.

  • I think the main thing that drew me to the subject,

  • was that there were a variety of modules,

  • so you could either do a lot of practical work, which is group work,

  • or more theory based, which I chose to do.

  • So over the course of my degree, I've done a lot of different modules,

  • from Hong Kong cinema to silent cinema.

  • I think our course is very different from other courses because it is very theory based,

  • but there's a lot of opportunities to do practical videos and projects as well.

  • One of the main things that I've enjoyed so far,

  • has been part of my Documentary module.

  • For this module we had to produce a short documentary film.

  • Having so much accessibility to cameras, tripods,

  • with great help from the teachers with any camera work or with editing or anything.

  • The facilities for filming here in Lancaster are really good,

  • we've got the Round House, which has quite a number of editing suites.

  • And in first year when we did a practical task, we got training on the cameras, on the editing suites,

  • things like that,

  • so you do get practical experience.

  • I think one of the best aspects about Lancaster University for me is definitely the tutors.

  • You're getting taught things by people who are researching it at the time,

  • because it's a research university.

  • So, they're teaching you really new stuff, as it's happening.

  • We're learning contemporary theories that are being put forward by people in our departments.

  • So I do think Lancaster University is definitely one of the best choices I've made,

  • in my lifetime.

  • I think my experience at university has actually made me a much more unique individual.

  • I mean, I met a great bunch of people, not just on my course but

  • in all the different colleges that are spread over Lancaster University campus.

  • It's just so varied, and you can kind of tailor your experience to how you want it to be.

  • I would recommend Lancaster University to future students because the tutors are incredible,

  • and they teach you a lot academically as well as personally.

  • And it's a lovely campus as well, and we've got state of the art equipment,

  • we've got leading professionals in the field.

  • So, it's just a number of reasons to come here.

I decided to come to Lancaster because I wanted to come to a campus uni,


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