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Hey guys!
So I know every year around the same time,
when it gets closer and closer to Valentine's Day,
I always make the same type of video where I'm kinda like,
Not really making fun of romance,
but kinda like clowning on the fact that how exaggerated romance is
In like entertainment and movies and all that kinda stuff.
I'm not like really making fun of romance,
I'm just kinda dissing on the whole cliches
and romantic scenes that happen in movies.
It's kinda become a tradition, in a way.
Well this year, I had a little change of heart.
* Shows the heart of change, DUN DUN DUN! *
Get it? 'Cause it's like made of spare change- oh!
And also I'm gonna keep the tradition going so let's go!
Romantic Clichés
In real life...
Breakfast in bed
[Romantic music]
Babe, babe wake up.
What is all of this?
It's breakfast in bed.
Aw, they're beautiful..
It's all your favorites, right?
Thank you
Mhmm, it's so good
Anything else you need?
Maybe just a little salt
Babe wake up.
Babe wake up..!
Wake up.
What are you doing?
Oh good, you're awake
What is this?
Breakfast in bed
Here you go
Can't we just eat in the-?
Sorry - Wow
Make room for thi-
Got you some flowers to-
Oh my gosh!
Oh gosh---Oh!
I think um... Sorry
-Yeah okay, -Hold on
That's--That's everything
Dig in,
Its all my favorites, right?
So? What do you think?
I mean... I guess it could use a little sal--
Oh my gosh! You're getting salt everywhere!
Oh no, that's not salt. Remember? We ran out
What are you doing?
No! Is that?!?
It's Dandruff BAE
The "Sexy Work Visit"
Uhh, hold on one second.
I'm on the phone right now!
Uh, sorry about that.
So yeah,I-I will.....
Phew, you got to be kidding me.
[Sexy music ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]
You know what, I'm gonna have to- I'm gonna have to call you back.
I can come back later..
No!N-n-no I'm..totally free right now.
That's what I though
(Derp face lol)
I'm... I'm on the phone right now
so you could please come back
Ohhh.. you've got to be kidding me.
oh, you know I'm gonna have to call you back
I'm so sorry just my stupid wife
Hi Honey
I can come back later...
PLEASE come back later
I have so much work to do!
Still working?
I have so much to do!
Ok, you still working?
What the *bleep*
You just broke my computer!
All my clients on there!
I'm gonna get fired now
Babe... I'm sure we would be just fine...
[Homeless&Hungry] PLEASE HELP
[The Surprise]
OK, be careful. Just sit right here
Right here?
Uh huh.
No peeking....
I'm not! I can't see anything
What am I getting?
What did I do to deserve this gift?
It's not even my birthday!
You'll see...
*Camera beep*
Open your eyes..
-You can take it off now. -Take it off?
Yes! *Nervous laugh*
*Laughs all around*
no.. So I'm going to be a dad?
I'm going to be a dad!
Open your eyes..
-You can take it off now. -Take it off?
What is this?
Are you-Are you pregnant?
Oh my god (it's baby Ryden)
I know
What are we gonna do?
We can't even afford rent
How did you even afford this?
How are we supposed to afford diapers and toys and-
Calm down!
Everything is gonna be just fin-
(Yet again)
The "Don't Get On That Plane Because I have 'un Last Corny

Gina wait!
Gina wait
Don't get on that plane
Look, I-I-I know I told you to take that job in Paris
Where you gonna be making a ton of money
Even though you have to work for that
evil boss that makes you feel horrible
And I know that straight male co-worker
that's incredibly good looking is gonna be there
And he's been trying to steal you away from me
from the moment you took this job
Just roughly 85(?) minutes ago
I can't let you go
I can't stand the thought of you waking up alone
with no breakfast in bed
I can't stand the fact
there's no possible way that you just gonna randomly
show up to my workplace in the middle of the day
And more than anything
I can't bear the idea that our son will only
get to know his mother through a computer screen
So I'm begging you
Don't get on that plane
Stay with him
I'll stay
(crowd clapping)
Gina wait
I keep telling you it's Gina
Don't get on that plane
I'm not
This isn't even my gate and...
I'm going to the restroom
Well.. don't get on- don't get on your flight
(sigh) Look Ryan, we talked about this
I have to go
Look, just... just wait
Look, I know that I told you to take that job in Paris
And that I was ok with it but.. but I'm not
Because I can't stand the thought...
Of you... Not... In the morning...
Dammit, I almost had it
I had it on the way here -Yeah umm...
I have to... go to the restroom so.. -No no no, just wait
I can do this. I can do this
*Breath in*
Oh crap
-Ok -Ok, just... You had me at Hello
You had me at Hello
Really? Is that a movie reference?
You complete me
Ok, yeah. That's definitely Jerry Mcguire
You're a bird, I'm a bird
So you like The Notebook?
I promise, Jack. I'll never let go
Alright, hold on, you're Rose, and I'm Jack?
That doesn't even make sense
Some people are worth melting for
I wish I knew how to quit you
Really? Brokeback?
Hakuna matata
That really doesn't work in this scenario
Ohana means family
Ok, these aren't even romance movies anymore.
You're just saying random quotes
I'm just a girl... standing in front of a boy
asking him... to love him (lol)
Ok, you know what? Seriously, stop
If I promise to stay, will you stop this?
Ye-yes, yes. I promise
Ok, I'll stay
Uhm, you know, but I'm curious.
How did you actually get back here? Did you buy a ticket?
Well, see I snuck through security
And I kinda ran when they saw me, and then I hid from them
And then I tracked you down here.
Ryan, that's a federal crime, you could go to jail
I probably am.
But you will lose your job, we'll lose everything
I know
Wait, does that mean...
Well, at least it's not snowing anymore
Ugh, wait. What it that?
Guess again
It's Dandruff Bae


Romantic Cliches in Real Life!

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