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Awww, it's Memna, the face of Emma
With makeup on... Video over
It's done
Copy this. Bye
Hello everyone it's me, BradWOTO the star of the Pewdiepie channel on Nickelodeon
Uh ooh, there's Sara. Sara Hill's Face Primer
So what you wanna do is take all that makeup off that you just had on your face just then
Put the primer on your face, like a bike
You know like bikes? You get paint primer for bikes
You also wanna put it on your lips apparently
Aaaand close that, you don't want that
Anything with CC on it, don't use
Uh, put that around the eyes
What this does, is makes your eyes really pop
If you don't use it then no one will be able to see your eyes
Kick Ass, All Is Calm, this goes... This is actually a supplement, it goes in your arse
Uh nope, put it on your face. Not an arse... Well that's up to you
If you wanna put an arse on your face then that's completely between you and a consenting adult
This... I don't know what this is for. This is to make you look like you've got grayscale from Game of Thrones for a bit
That's Game of Thrones on HBO
This is MUA's Skin Define HYDRO POWER!
And Hydro Power, what that's gonna do is stop the grayscale from drying you out too much
The grayscale's still there... Is it supposed to be still there? I don't know if you've blended that in right we're moving on!
Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream, SPF40+
This is for if you're 40 years old like Emma is clearly
If you're 40 years old or more, put a fuck ton of that on
Just keep, just fuckin' launch that on, get as much of it on as you can
It's... What you wanna do is use one or two bottles per... per makeup go
Right, now she's magically blended all of that in and hasn't showed you
But she's moving on without letting you catch up
If you can move at this speed as well that would be great so you can keep up with her, look at that
And we're moving on again, I dunno what the last bit was
Creamy Natural Fit Concealer, she's putting that round the eyes again
Really have to make sure the eyes and the chin pop. If the eyes and the chin don't pop, nothing pops!
That's what we say here at emmapickles.com/eyepops
This... Is an alien device
Now what you wanna do is use this to communicate, no what you wanna do is literally turn into an alien
For a little while there, you looked like a little anime alien ahhh kawaii desu-chan
This is to make you kawaii
She hasn't blended them in again, she's left a lot of the dots on
She's really doing a half arsed job here. emmapickles.com half arse it all the way to beauty
Uhhh, she's not showing us what they are anymore, she's just putting stuff on
This is to make your cheeks pop. If your cheeks don't pop, nothings popping!
That's what we say
Uh.... Dunno what this does, this makes you pretend like you have bones in your cheeks
That weren't there a minute ago
And this one is to make sure... Look at that bit of hair, does that annoy you? That annoyed me
What's this then, that one had stuff in it or have you used it, I don't understand what's happening anymore
Is this... What would normally be happening in this video? How long is this?
We're only 3 minutes in, it's 11 minutes long and I couldn't tell you one single thing about what's happening
Like if I had to actually explain what you needed me to explain, which is what I think you're asking me to do
I can't. I have no idea how you're doing it, or what the purpose of each of these things is
Like... It's just like... Oh, it's magic
Basically you've said, here's an... Look at this! Wow!
And then you start putting it on your face and everything changes
And then you move onto the next thing, wow!
You got a cut on your finger there? I wanna go back and see that, can we go back and zoom in on that?
Don't get makeup in the cut. It will get infected and then you won't be able to put any makeup on for a few days
Again more magic
So now it's shinier... I guess
My face is shinier everyone, look at that
Do you want shine? If you don't shine, you don't pop. And what do we say at Emma Pickles? Popping is everything
Uhhhh... This is the nose shine
Ok, we've ZOOMED in, here we are
Now we're in close, as if we, like, didn't need this before... I don't know why we're in closer
B: Like, the whole... it's the same face E: It's the details! B: What? We're doing detailing work now are we?
It IS like a bike. You know when they do bikes up and they put paint primer on it?
And then they get in with the details?
B: Decals! E: You should probably explain that you worked in a car shop
Well it probably doesn't sound like I do with my severe lack of knowledge
Now what you wanna do here is make yourself look as much like Cara Delevigne in one second as you can
Give yourself them THICK, THICK eyebrows
E: What?! B: And then... Well you went from no eyebrows to the thickest eyebrows I've ever seen
B: Now, you... E: They're slender B: You've added another same colour thing
Here's what you've done, you've added five of the same colour over eachother
It's just they're different types of shine
Vacay, thought that said vajay, um, alright
Now it's glittery, here we go this is the shit
Now we're getting some glitter in
Wanted to say the word Ritalin... Didn't
I don't know why you keep showing this
B: It just keeps coming back to it E: They're different colours!
Different colours so that you can...
I mean, I don't know how you explain this do you ever need to explain? What would you be saying at this point
Why are you explaining it, it's just... It's obvious what you're doing, you're pointing at a thing and you put it on your face
That's it, look at this!
B: Put it on your face E: This is through the socket though
Yeah but, I can work.. I mean, I don't... Yeah but do you need to tell people that?
Look, Espresso, point that this, put it on your face in this place
E: I wouldn't have a video if I didn't tell people that B: Well why can't they work it out?
You point... I worked it out, point at this espresso coloured thing
Put it on your face in this place above the eyeball
E: Did you just put me out of a job? B: Yeah, all of you, all of you just went out of a job
You don't need... It's obvious what's happening, I mean I suppose some level of it comes down to skill
And how well you can do it to yourself, if I actually tried this it wouldn't look like that
But, I understand the concept of 'point at On Fire', 'place On Fire'... You've mixed so many colours here
This is mental
B: How is this not just a smudgey brown mess like you do with paint E: Thank you!
How do you just... You know when you get three different colours of paint
And they always just end up being a horrible brown mess on the page
How does that not happen here, this is a different colour entirely
This looks like you've walked into a door, why...
So, get the look of 'I've walked into a door on one eye', oh you are going for the other one
So why have you gone for purple there, so what you want is brown on top, purple on the bottom boiiii
Ok, we're just mixing random colours
We're going for purple and brown.
Day dream
I feel like I'm in a... Nightmare
Ok, really want... The thing is I'm looking at the individual thing here and it looks like a bruise
And I... I don't wanna say that because I know you're gonna get annoyed with me
We're going back to the vajay
Uh, we're gonna glitter up the bruise, that's what we do
We're gonna glitter up the inside of the bruise here so that it looks less like a bruise
That's a mess innit? Look at that! Ain't you got a clean one if you're gonna be making a video
B: Can't you keep one for showin E: It was used!
Yeah well you keep one for showin' and you keep one for usin' every day
That's on your all... EYEBALL
B: Euuurgh, I hate this, I hate this, I can't do this E: I did this just for you because I know how much you love it!
Ughhh, that first one looked like you just had it in your eye and closed your eye around it
E: I did it on the upper one B: Don't
This, this I never understand how you do this to this level of like line work, this is mental
This is like you've gone into Adobe Illustrator and used a line tool to get a specific 0.5 point line and draw it along
Cause I've tried to do this before
Now it sounds like I don't know anything about makeup but I am actually the one that taught Emma
B: But I can't do it this good E: It's true
B: These are called wings, yeah? E: Yeah
Hell yeah, this is my favourite things on people
B: I like it when people do this, that's all I have to say on the matter E: You're welcome
Can we move on to the next bit yet? Nope we're gonna keep talking about the wings
So these ones are called Brown Wings, which is also... No I'm not... I can't...
Someone's gonna get that joke, and if you got the joke LOL
If you didn't, don't worry about it, we'll move on to the next part
That looks... How do you? I thought you was... It just... How do you not get your eyeball it's freaking me out
E: Sometimes you do and it just sits on there B: Euuughhhh
See how does this not just make your eyes really heavy
And you walk around looking like you're a bit stoned all day
How? Look at it, look how thick those lashes are
I know that's the idea, but like does it not just make your eyes heavy?
Are you gonna glue some eyelashes on in a minute?
You are, look! I knew it!
B: How many eyelashes do you need?! E: ALL OF THEM
What is this, do you think you were gonna head into like Mad Max into a sandstorm
And you'd be protected better than the goggles they fucking wear with these amount of eyelashes E: Like a camel
You are a camel
Who stores eyelashes in its hump
You just need so many eyelashes in that, in that hump
Ew, oh my God... I can't, this is grotesque
This is like watching a trypophobia video at the moment, I hate eyes
I hate them, eugh! You see that? It's like watching a spider walk along your own foot
B: Why did you look at the camera then? E: Cuz I have to check it's recording because it stops all the time!
B: Why is this the time to check the camera? E: Because it's important
I don't understand how you did that
Again, we're back to the point where... All it is is, 'show product, apply actual magic'
B: Sorcery, we're talking like warlockian, wizard sorcery magic here E: Thank youuuu
That's all I can work it out as, and then it's done
B: That's a weird kind of, oh is that? Is that how you do that?! E: Yep
B: Cause that's like... Do you do that EVERY video? E: Nope... That was just for you
Oh ok, I'll allow it then, cause that was... We're back to the brown wings portion
What's this? You've got excited about that
Nope, we need more Cara Delevigne-ing, we need more Cara...
B: Why was that funny to you? E: I forgot
Oh, is this wrong? You've done it wrong?!
You've made me look bad now
Wow! It's finished everyone, we're gonna do the Vogue sign
She's gonna look all cute, look down!
Always look down... Back up!
And then... Do the little rabbit ears thing
Emmapickles.uk if you wanna get yourself some t-shirts with brown wings
E: Ewww B: Bye!


My Boyfriend Does My Voice Over ♥

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