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Hello, I would like 2 coffees, 1 Magnum and 1 Calypo. CA-LY-PO. You know, Calypo? Thank
you! Thank you very much. *sigh*
We've all seen it right? In a restaurant on holiday and there's a British family on the
next table talking very LOUDLY AND SLOWLY to the waiter because that way he will understand.
It's embarrassing. So without further ado, I want to encourage
you to begin learning a language today. Why? Well, we've already covered reason 1:
So you don't sound like a moron when you're on holiday. Next!
Reason number dos: Speaking a foreign language, statistically speaking, makes you more attractive
to the opposite sex...or same sex, whatever floats your boat.
Reason number trois: Learning another language makes you better at your own.
Yeah, when I was studying for my TEFL certificate, all of those hours that, granted, at the time
felt very boring, in French and Spanish learning grammar, and grammar, and grammar, and verbs,
and verbs, and verbs...hum. Well they came in very handy in helping me
understand what the heck my TEFL course was talking about.
Quote number 1: You can never understand one language, until you understand at least two.Geoffrey
Willans. Reason number vier: When you learn a language,
it's not just about learning words, but about culture and those nitty-gritty intricacies
that make the speakers of that language who they are. And that's what makes you smart
when you learn a language. Quote number two: Those who know nothing of
foreign languages know nothing of their own.Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Clearly I don't know
anything of his own 'cause I can't say his name!
Reason number go: Expand your list of potential friends. Roughly 5% of the world speak English
as a first language. That's not a lot of people that might share your love for 1930s stamp
collecting or making your own underwear...maybe... Besides, what about other language learners?
We're a friendly bunch, right? Quote number three: To have another language
is to possess a second soul. Charlemagne. Reason number liu: From the Alzheimer's Society
website, for I am no doctor. It is sometimes said that learning a language can help reduce
the risk of developing Dementia. Enough said. Reason number seitse: A quick Google search,
and I can say that 'cause it's YouTube, will show you just how much more bilinguals get
paid in comparison to monolinguals. Reason number lapan: If I describe you as
monolingual it makes you sound like a monkey...or is that just because I know the Spanish word
for monkey is mono...err...ok... New reason number eight: Your brain makes
weird connections like that. That's cool, right?
And that leads me nicely to reason numero...naw: it's fun!
Thank you for watching! Subscribe, share and sss...I'm out of s's...sayounara!
Numbers in a foreign language.
Subtitles by the Amara.org community


9 Reasons To Learn Another Language.║Lindsay Does Languages Video

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