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Hi everybody. I’m Melissa and welcome to Cloudmom. There are so many wonderful strollers
in the marketplace these days you might ask yourself, "Why should I even need a baby carrier?"
Well here are five reasons why a baby carrier might be a terrific solution for you. The
number one reason is flexibility. The baby carrier allows you to function like a "mommy
octopus." You can do things like grocery shop, fold laundry, deal with your other kids, do
office-type work at your computer. Your hands are free so you’re gaining so much flexibility,
and meanwhile you’re with your baby. Number two is really convenience. You might live
in a city where you’re frequently on and off buses, public transportation, or even
if you drive, a baby carrier is a really wonderful way to easily get in and out of the car. Pop
your baby in and go along your way. And there are certain carriers that are made almost
for this reason that they’re so easy to get the baby in and out, such as a ring sling
for example. Number three: nursing. In my view, a baby carrier is very supportive of
nursing for two reasons. You have that close, physical proximity to your baby, crucial for
nursing. It’s that physical proximity that allows the hormones in your body to begin
to produce milk. So it’s absolutely key, especially in the early months when you’re
developing your milk supply. So from that perspective it’s wonderful. And it’s also
easy once you learn how to do it with certain carriers to nurse your baby in the carrier.
Bonding also is part of this, wonderful way for you to bond with your baby, and wonderful
way for dad to bond with the baby. So often dads can feel excluded when the mother’s
nursing. So this is a great way to involve dad and to give him that physical intimacy
with the baby. So it’s a really wonderful thing. Cost. Many of these carriers are reasonably
priced compared to other expensive strollers on the marketplace. There are people who don’t
even buy strollers. They just buy carriers. And finally, interestingly enough, exercise.
One, a great way to get yourself back in shape after you’ve had a baby is to have your
baby in a carrier and to walk. It can help you develop your core strength again. And
in fact certain women, after certain types of deliveries, it’s suggested to them to
have their baby in a carrier and to walk, because it’s wonderful exercise. So those
are five reasons why having a baby carrier can be a terrific choice for you. I have a
whole slew of videos coming out on baby carriers so please watch them. Please weigh in with
your own experience on Cloudmom.com. And thank you so much for watching.


5 Reasons to Buy a Baby Carrier | CloudMom

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