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pimped it
hopefully they have some redman I need some chew
I do the perfect Sheffield impersonation
Dude, is it filthy?
Baseball gods don’t want us to play today
My arm is so sore
Why doesn’t Holway do anything?
He’s a pitcher
No way ranch! These are my fav
Ah that’s busch league
I’m going yay a tomorrow
* spits *
what’s a swag walk up song?
did I get pegged today it hurts really bad
I just got the new stealth bat
This pocket is way to broken in
No seriously, I think the phitens help
Don’t step on the line it’s game day!
This is how big the ball seemed to me today
I hate this flavor
Is this good? Harder
It’s a good thing I’ve got sweatbands
This A2000 is money dude
Ah I think I need tommy john
Just tape it
Fixes anything
This guy is throwing ched!
Get one!
I was totally stroking today
I hate hitting doubles
I’ll be hitting by next week dude
These grains are hella thick
Should we invite Watkins?
No, he is a pitcher
I’m about to go upper decker
Dude hit your cut off man
Ibuprofen is like my best friend
That’s a base knock
Two or three fingers?
I would get a hit off you, your pitching is trash
I’ve got seeds
You go to Lousiana, you have one bowl of chili
Where am I?
You are in Lousiana
Get out ball! Get out ball!
I hate running poles
Give me a chomper
The new bats suck
Yesterday I drew the perfect on deck circle
Did the coaches see that?
Should I get these?
That’s delayed steal
Did you take any of my protein?
Got Heem!
Got heeeeeem!
Got heem!
Got heem!
F*** I didn’t throw it!


Shit Baseball Players Say

8801 タグ追加 保存
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