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When did we forget how to connect with each other?
- This is like being a secret agent!
How old are you?
- 105.
- I'm going to help you today.
- Speak to the guy with the gray hair.
- Say hi!
- My name is Victoria.
Hi, my name is Victoria.
- You look as old as my grandma.
Well, you look as old as my grandma, actually.
Oh, that's nice.
- Are you gonna die soon?
Are you gonna die soon?
I don't know.
- Well, I hope you don't.
I hope you don't.
- Cause you're really nice.
You're really nice.
- Hi, mate!
Hi, mate!
- What are you doing today?
What you up to today?
- Chris, talk to the girl in the stripy shirt.
Hi, can I sit down?
- Can I tell you a story?
- Can I tell you a story? - Yep.
- Once upon a time.
Once upon a time.
- There was a gold fish.
There was a gold fish.
- He was all alone.
And he was all alone.
- The end.
The end.
That was really...unusual.
- Nice hair.
I like your hair.
- You like my hair? - Yeah.
Do you want to talk about fairies?
About fairies!?
- Sit closer.
- Do you want to come and visit my house?
Do you want to come round my house?
Are you hitting on me?
Do you want to dance?
Like now?
- Yeah! - Okay, you go first.
- Now cuddle
Please, can I have a cuddle?
Me and you play Patty-cake?
- Are we friends now?
Are we friends now?
You're very interesting.
- Oh really? Thank you.
Borderline psychotic, but I mean, it's okay.
- Twirl around.
- Shall we know each others' numbers?
So we can call each other maybe?
- 5-5-5-5
That's enough numbers now I think..
- Can we be friends? - Okay.
Oh and your hair is so big and lovely.
They did it!
Connecting with people is simple. With a little help.
Do you want a Mentos?
- Sure. - Yeah?
- Would you like a Mentos? - Yes, please. - You'd like one?
- Do you want a Mentos? - Oh okay, thank you.
- Mentos? - Oh, thank you.



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