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  • Definitely if you have the time and if your course will allow it - go on exchange. It

  • was honestly one of the best things I've ever done for my degree.

  • I think it was just a general interest to further my language studies so I thought may

  • as well do it in China and Shanghai is one of the biggest international cities, if not

  • the biggest international city in China. So I thought why not?

  • The international office and the exchange program they gave me a travel grant of about

  • $5,000 which was really helpful and then as a business student the Curtin Business School

  • also gives me $3,000 on top of that.

  • The university I went to was Shanghai University. So when I arrived there it was about lat...

  • early evening, I put my bags down, checked in and then I wanted to buy, you know just

  • some necessities and I didn't know where to go.

  • So I went downstairs to the lobby and I asked the man oh wheres the nearest shopping centre

  • or supermarket. He pointed to a map and I looked at the map and felt helpless and then

  • I hear these two voices behind me speaking in English and I turn around and go oh my

  • god like you speak english can you please help me. And yeah they took me around to the

  • local shopping centre, treated me to dinner, showed me where to buy like you know water,

  • toilet paper, SIM cards and one of the guys - Richard - he turned out to be one of my

  • really really good friends during my semester.

  • We had a pretty full on class schedule. Classes were about 20 hours a week. When ever we could

  • escape the classroom we'd travel and explore Shanghai city.

  • Shanghai is huge - the city itself has a population of 23 million. My friend actually devised

  • a little game called Train Roulette. So what we'd do is hop on to the train and we don't

  • even know which way, which direction its going and then once we decided to go we'd point

  • at the map and go yep we'll exit there and we get off at the station and we'll explore

  • the area. This one time we got off at a random stop - I can't even remember what it was called

  • - it was a little place but we walked past a firing range - shooting range. So that was

  • the first I've ever held a gun.

  • But things like that happen in China!

  • Yeah and my other good friend Kimberly - she was from the UK. And she's got a similar background

  • to me. Both of our parents are Cantonese - from Hong Kong sooooo... but we got a long really,

  • really well. And at the end of the semester she felt like a sister and which was weird.

  • You think going on exchange when you'll only be there for a semester you wont really develop

  • strong friendships you know you compare them to your friends back home - who you've known

  • for years - and you think oh you know I'll make some friends but they wont be that close.

  • You live and eat with them every day! For a semester so you kind of become really really

  • good friends.

  • China is a great like place for all different types of food. I mean in Beijing I managed

  • to try a whole heap of different type of food. There's a strip called Wang Fu Jing and its

  • famous for their street food, in particular creepy crawlies and bugs. So on that one night

  • my friends and I ventured to try everything and in a course of an hour we had Starfish,

  • Baby Shark, Tarantula, Scorpions, Silk Worms, Sea Horse. It was an interesting experience,

  • definitely.

  • Went to Tibet for three weeks so that was an amazing trip. We went to the base camp

  • of Mount Everest. Saw the Himalayas and we managed to spend one sunset and one sunrise

  • at Mount Everest. And it was really beautiful.

  • I was lucky enough to get a job at a marketing consultancy here in Perth and my employer

  • said to me that definitely one of the reasons I stood out from all the other applicants

  • was this international experience. The fact that I put myself out there. That, you know,

  • I've got out of comfort zone and you know gained this international experience.

  • They look at, you know, exchanges and international internships as a plus. To all the students

  • out there considering the idea of an exchange - I mean it is a daunting process at first.

  • You think theres a lot of paperwork and its not that easy to get in, but I think when

  • you just start talking to the exchange office. You know the coordinators are really lovely

  • people and after that you know once you kind of take that first step you'll realise that

  • its actually quite an easy process and you'll find yourself you know wanting it a lot and

  • you know really working for it and its - at the end of the day it is one of the best things

  • that I've ever done

Definitely if you have the time and if your course will allow it - go on exchange. It


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