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what up on burning better from Brendan's adventures dot com in today we're doing
a little bit of ski
and snowboard photography here Marmot Basin in Jasper National Park
sore here Marmot Basin and I thought I would do something a little bit
I don't get the opportunity to spend a lot of winters so I thought it would be
fun to come out here and you live in a snowboard and ski photography
and I thought I would lay on my tips for doing that stuff
in the winter now the first tip is obviously your exposure
exposure really tough in this house you wanna shoot Emanuel
do a couple test shots to make sure you got the perfect exposure
in general you're gonna want to be at least one stop overexposed when you're
the other thing that's important with exposure is your low-light and snow
situation sorry but the Sun over here
you are we shooting straight into the Sun quite often unless you've got a
flash shut up
because you're gonna get an exposure problem you want to use the Sun like a
shooting that direction and you get a nice perfect the exposed image
the second tube I have is to go wide I've got the 70-200 on right now
that's obviously not live you wanna shoot something like a sixteen to thirty
five-millimeter 17 to forty millimeter
and get rate close to the action when you do that it makes a few dramatic it
makes it feel like to have mountains are bigger makes it feel like a chump the
skiers snowboarders doing is bigger
as well it just makes it look like a really cool
thing you want to do when you're shooting is crop tight and zoom
so were using a 70-200 rehearing that's a great lens for this type a shot you
wanna kinda feel out the frame
with the skier or snowboarder without overdoing it if you soon in
leave a little bit of a room on the front edge
up the skier snowboarder in the direction they're heading just add a
little bit of
wrong for that skier snowboarder to Kenneth slide in the imagination
up to fewer
finally also really have to worry about your cat
battery when it's cold it's like -20 right now your camera's battery isn't
gonna last as long as it usually does
you're probably get about 60 to 70 percent in your battery life to pack
extra batteries anytime you're out shooting
in snow winter cold conditions
anyways that it from here Mr
basin and that actually it for Jasper National Park it's been
fun here doing some winter adventures like a dog sledding the other day and
getting on skis for the first time in about
eight years there's a lot of cool adventures coming up for heading to
Whistler later this month and they were going on a pig
US road trip later on as well so be sure to subscribe to the channel: lotta fun
coming I also want to remind you to head over to my website brennan's adventures
dot com in sign up for my newsletter
when you sign up for the newsletter you get a free copy my venture travel
vagabond a magazine US our kitchen XI miss the fun
peace I


Ski and Snowboard Photography at Marmot Basin, Jasper

194 タグ追加 保存
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