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  • First question is from Kristian Brandt

  • His question is, "What the hell is this movie about?"

  • which is, I think, a good question, a good question

  • That is a very good question, and a tricky one to answer

  • So I play Newt Scamander who is a self-proclaimed Magizoologist

  • I think probably the only Magizoologist

  • who is a British wizard from out of Hogwarts, arrives in New York, 1920s, with a case full of magical creatures

  • Said creatures escape, setting in motion, a much bigger battle between good and evil

  • Does that make any - would you agree?

  • He loses the creatures and has to find them, because he gets them mixed up with yummy snacks

  • which I'd be more excited about. A terrible film though

  • Did you just give the spoiler away?

  • Don't worry about it

  • No, no. But you'll laugh, you'll cry, it's incredible

  • Next question, please, Eddie Redmayne, from YouTube

  • Next question is too embarrassing to read

  • The next question is from Julene Letero , he says, "Why is Eddie Redmayne sooooo handsome?"

  • Why is Eddie Redmayne so handsome?

  • See, Eddie Redmayne just went beetroot!

  • Do you ever clock yourself in the mirror and think wow?

  • I am sooo handsome

  • Very very rarely. Really, no

  • It's not something I enjoy. I just see a lot of freckles

  • Do you do anything to your face?

  • To my freckles?

  • No, not to your freckles, but do you have like, a skincare regime?

  • Monday morning, BBC Radio, I'm talking to Grimmy about my skincare regime

  • Occasionally I moisturize

  • How many times a day?

  • Just once

  • Right, next question, please, Eddie

  • Mohamed Saleem says, "I hope Eddie Redmayne's acting is going to be good"

  • So does Eddie Redmayne. He tried really hard

  • He went through a huge amount of work to try and make it good

  • But you'll have to see the movie

  • You'll have to see it on Friday

  • It's really good acting, Eddie

  • Oh, thanks

  • From you, Grimmy, it's a great deal

  • Well, you know, I'm a great actor myself, aren't I

  • I pretend I'm happy, 6:30 to 10:00, Monday to Friday

  • Okay, final YouTube comment, please Eddie

  • There's one more which says, TheMainAsian says, "Eddie Redmayne looks like he could be the next Doctor or Doctor Who"

  • I mean, I do see the resemblance

  • I see the scarf, I see the coat, I see a bowtie

  • I'm also a huge admirer of those actors

  • I love Matt Smith

  • I think there is a little bit

  • He's got a briefcase

  • I suppose the briefcase has a bit of TARDIS-y vibe to it, so yeah

  • Yeah, would you do it?

  • Oh my god, would I do it? Yeah!

  • I mean, obviously

  • It's a great show, but it looks like really tough work

  • 'Cause it's a lot. I remember speaking to Matt, and the schedules are pretty rigorous

  • Well you've got five of these movies, one down, four to go

  • After his seventy-third, he will begin Doctor Who

First question is from Kristian Brandt


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