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Marc Luber: Hey everyone - welcome to Careers Out There - I'm your host Marc Luber and we're
helping you find a career that fits you. Today we're looking at public school teaching careers
and our guest is eighth math teacher Adam Bergman of suburban Chicago. Adam, welcome
to Careers Out There.
Adam Bergman: Hi - thanks for having me.
Marc Luber: Yes, definitely - thanks for being here. Since this is the short version of our
interview, let's give everyone a taste and then if they want to hear more they can dive
in to the full version. Tell us - what are the key things that the audience should know
if they want to pursue careers in teaching.
Adam Bergman: If you want to be a teacher, lots of things you should know. Absolutely,
you're in front of the class and you've got to be a good presenter. You have to make it
entertaining, have to be engaging for the kids. You also have to be a people person
across the board. You're gonna be working closely with the other staff members, the
community - that means the parents, the administrators and the other teachers in your building and
in the district. So you really need to be a people person. You need to be able to communicate.
You need to be able to listen. And you need to know your subject area and come up with
some thoughtful, engaging lessons. I think it's a really great career. I've been doing
it for a long time. And if you like working with kids, seeing them grow over time, working
with people, not sitting at a desk, getting up, moving around, moving around the classroom,
moving around the school, enjoying your day at work, you're running around a lot - it
could be stressful from time to time - but it's a good stress - you're gonna have a good
time doing it - and I'll tell you, having the summers off isn't such a bad thing either!
Marc Luber: That's a great thing! Excellent! Alright. Everyone, to see Adam and I continue
this discussion - it's a very important career path - we'll go more in depth into teaching
careers in the full version of this interview. So please join us at Careers Out There dot
com. Adam, thanks for being with us today.
Adam Bergman: Sure - my pleasure.
Marc Luber: Alright everyone. I'm Marc Luber. Thanks again for watching and I look forward
to seeing you at Careers Out There dot com. Take care.
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Become A Teacher: Tips For If You Want To Be A Teacher

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