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  • It's beginning not to look a lot

  • Like Christmas

  • Everywhere you go

  • Trump's elected as president

  • Science has projected

  • Natural disasters, sunken cities

  • And less snow

  • It's not beginning look a lot

  • Like Christmas

  • Extreme weather's in store

  • But the most normal site to see

  • Is a climate refugee

  • Knocking on your door

  • Miami is flooded

  • Bangladesh is gutted

  • New York in December's plus ten (Celcius)

  • The coal is unleashed, atmosphere

  • Has decreased

  • Burnt and frozen skin now is on trend

  • And hurricanes have made it so

  • School never starts again

  • Wait! I don't understand Celcius...

  • Only Fahrenheit

  • Fake Christmas Tree

  • You aren't environmentally friendly

  • Your pine is made of PVC

  • Too many carcinogens for me

  • You might have thought "I'm saving trees!"

  • But carbon emissions are three

  • Times higher than a cut down tree

  • So get a real one immediately

  • Guys!

  • Did you ever know that reindeer

  • Have capillaries in their nose? (Like a lot!)

  • Using a thermal camera

  • You would even see it glow (Literally!)

  • All of the other reindeer

  • Are female in this song

  • Male reindeer shed their antlers in winter

  • So the names in the song are wrong

  • The most important question of our time is

  • Do you see what I see?

  • No seriously!

  • Is your red the same red as my red?

  • Or is it green or blue?

  • Do you see what I see?

  • This qualia is driving me insane

  • 'Cause perception happens in the brain

  • Are experiences even the same?

  • Oh black hole-y night

  • You stop everything shining

  • Your gravity is too strong to let us see

  • Such compact mass

  • Deforming space and timing

  • Till you appear at the singularity

  • Crushing your bones

  • The force will nearly kill you (YOU WILL DIE)

  • Your cells torn up, stretched out (YOU WILL DIE)

  • A plasmic death

  • Oh well...

  • You're dead!

  • Oh why did you go?

  • In that black hole?

It's beginning not to look a lot


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セキュラー・サイエンス・クリスマス・キャロル ft.ジョン・コザート (Secular Science Christmas Carols ft. Jon Cozart)

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