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  • Welcome to The World in 60 Seconds from FirstFT.

  • Donald Trump is poised to name Rex Tillerson, Chief Executive of ExxonMobil, as his Secretary of State,

  • despite concerns over his close ties to Russia.

  • Mr. Trump faces questions over his own stance from Russia after he criticized the CIA report that Moscow engaged in hacking to try to implant the US election.

  • Mr. Tillerson's appointment is expected to come under intense scrutiny at Senate Confirmation Hearings next year.

  • The Syrian government says it's close to victory in Aleppo.

  • Russian-backed regime forces claim to have taken almost all rebel areas of the city, which has been divided for the past four years.

  • Thousands of rebels and civilians trapped in a tiny patch of territory are under intense aerial bombardment.

  • An opposition activist have made desperate pleas to the outside world for help.

  • And Italy's biggest bank UniCredit has settled cut(?) 14000 jobs and spend 12 billion Euros on a radical restruction plan.

  • Chief Executive Jean Pierre Mustier said the plans will pave the way for a 13 billion Euro rights issue early next year.

  • He dismissed fears of political uncertainty after the Italian government's recent referendum defeat would affect his bid to show up the bank's finances.

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Welcome to The World in 60 Seconds from FirstFT.


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トランプ国務長官、アレッポ反政府勢力|FirstFT (Trump secretary of state, Aleppo rebels | FirstFT)

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