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(Lyrics from Key Pop)
You're worth it, you're perfect
Deserve it, just work it
You've got a royal air, royal air
And pretty, pretty
You're shining, shining
You're the ultimate truth and reason
If someone keeps cursing at you(cursing)
Tell them you're my lady, go tell them
Whatever anyone says, whatever this world says
You're my best, just as you are
Don't be discouraged
You're fine no matter what anyone says
You are strong
You say yes or no
20th century girls
Live your life, Live your life, Come on baby
21th century girls
You don't mind, You don't mind, That new lady!
Say it, "you are strong"
Say it, "you are enough"
Let you go 2x
Let it go!
All my ladies put your hands up
21 century girls, hands up
All my ladies put your hands up
Now scream
The men passing you by say
"Oh yeah! Who is that? Who the hell is that?"
Women's jaws drop and say
Huh who is this? who the hell is this?"
Oh baby
Never lower yourself
Don't adjust to them!
You're mine, You're as beautiful as you are
Don't worry
Baby you're beautiful
You! You! You!
20th century girls
Live your life 2X
Come on baby
21st century girls
You don't mind 2x
That new lady
Say it, "you are strong"
Say it, "you are enough"
Let you go 3x
Let it go
21 century girls Hands up
Don't worry about anything else
You deserve to be loved
21th century girls Hands up!
21th century girls Hands up!
(Lyrics from Key PoP channel)


[Comeback Stage] BTS - 21st Century Girls, 방탄소년단 - 21세기 소녀 Show Music core 20161015 (歌詞/lyrics)

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