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  • Before I begin, I'd like to say that this video is extremely embarrassing...for me.

  • I'm going to tell you some things that some of my closest friends don't know about me.

  • So if you know me in real life, or if you're like my future boss or grandchild watching this, then please...

  • All right, things that I do that adults probably don't do.

  • I close my closet door before I go to sleep every night.

  • Ok so this one is not super embarrassing, but why do I do this?

  • I know monsters aren't real.

  • Sometimes I'll already be in my bed, open my eyes just a tiny bit and see the

  • black void of my closet. Then I have to get up and close it.

  • It makes me uncomfortable, I don't know why, it's not like there's a monster in my closet

  • that's been waiting for like, 18 years for the one night I forget to close my door.

  • I just don't like it open.

  • Also I'm terrified of crossing streets.

  • I will always speed walk across the street while checking both directions every two seconds.

  • I think part of the reason why I'm afraid is because when I was little my

  • mom told me the way cars were made,

  • drivers can''t see little kids. At all! Which I'm gonna want to call bull crap on that mom

  • unless you're driving like, a monster truck.

  • So whenever I would cross the street and see a car in the distance,

  • I would have to run as fast as I possibly could, I didn't want to die so I

  • guess that fear stayed with me as I grew up

  • And I remember in high school some kids

  • would walk across the street without looking both ways!

  • Not even a glance, they were just like,

  • The car better stop for me,

  • even if they're already going 50,

  • It's their fault.

  • So if me and you are ever walking together, and suddenly I start speed walking, you'll know why.

  • I watch Minecraft videos and I don't even play Minecraft anymore.

  • What happened was, is that I started watching them while I drew comics.

  • I didn't feel like listening to music or netflix didn't have any good movies to watch.

  • I would watch the Minecraft videos specifically CaptainSparklez

  • I don't know if any of you have heard of him,

  • he's a pretty small gaming channel.

  • And I started watching more and more and I

  • kind of got attached to the point where if I had no idea what to draw,

  • I would still watch the Minecraft videos anyway

  • And I'll promise you right now that I watched them

  • CaptainSparklez while making this video.

  • Ok.

  • I talk to my dogs,

  • or rather I talk for my dogs

  • I give my pets certain voices and I talk to them in my voice and then

  • respond for them in their voice.

  • And for some reason they're pretty mean to me...

  • I have two dogs and they both make an appearance in this comic.

  • This one named Papi,

  • Has a voice like this!

  • And this one, Georgie

  • Talks like this, hello!

  • So a normal thing for me to do is...

  • Oh hi Papi! Hm hello!

  • Your in my spot Papi.

  • Hm I know, can you move? Hm no.

  • But I was sitting there first!

  • Well I'm sitting here now so why don't you find a place on the floor!

  • Papi!

  • The dog has no idea what's going on and I've created this scenario now where

  • I'm sad and sitting on the floor to watch my Minecraft.

  • Only me my sister know that I do this.

  • I don't know what I'd tell someone if they walked in on me and saw me doing this.

  • But now I guess everyone knows...

  • Oh hello I have a voice too and I talk like this.

  • hm shut up.

Before I begin, I'd like to say that this video is extremely embarrassing...for me.


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