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Hello, I’m Crown!
Today I’ll be talking about vocabulary relating to love
Welcome back to Crown’s daily English vocabulary series~
A long, long while back, we did an episode about the Moon Festival
Today, I’ll be teaching y’all English vocabulary about love
If you need, do remember to turn on the Chinese or English subtitles
A quote goes like this
“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.”
Love is a curious thing
one day you’d wake up and find yourself
looking at someone differently
and before you know it, you’ve fallen in love
There are many aspects in love
but today I’ll be focusing on the relatively positive sides
and emotions of love
This happens when you see someone
and you like them
you might be attracted to them
I don’t know if this really happens in real life
but as the phrase itself suggests
you fall in love at the first sight of that particular person
After being attracted to someone
you might start to develop a crush for this person
When you have a crush on someone
it means you like them secretly
and they probably don’t know it
This is kinda similar to having a crush
but I think the degree of love is higher in this one
This is seen as a very playful way of
interaction with your love interest
When you are interested in someone or
when you have a crush
t’s very common that you will be flirting with them
to gain their attention or even affection
When you woo someone
you hope to make them fall for you
If you want to take things a bit further than just flirting with them
you’ll begin your plans to woo them
Being swooned means you’re feeling a bit faint and overwhelmed
by your emotions or by something someone else did or say
Seeing your crush, going on first dates
holding hands, these are all situations
that will make you feel like
you have a bunch of butterflies in your stomach
It’ll be this nervous, excited
and freaked out combination
that will give you this fluttering feeling
After multiple attempts
your crush finally agrees to go on a date with you
you’ll probably be going to a nice restaurant
and later on to the theaters for a romantic movie
After your first date
it may be followed by a couple more coffee dates
movie dates, dinner dates, workout dates, etc
and in this process
is how the romance between you two build up
In the end, if all things work well between the two of you
you’ll most likely be in a relationship with this special someone




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