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  • so

  • we do two kinds of things where both things

  • mean that the same thing though it doesn't look it

  • normally we start with individual treatment for people who need it

  • those who don't have no special complaint and can

  • at least sit on the floor by themselves with the

  • trouble the needn't to have any individual treatment at all

  • but the individual treatment can also done with very perfect people who want

  • greater perfection for instance like

  • for instance like Yehudi Menuhin

  • or Narciso Yepes

  • one of the world's best guitarists

  • other people have had two months or a month

  • to work with me in order to improve their

  • superior human skill for they have. That is a particular thing which we call

  • functional integration and the other one which we do here

  • which is Awareness Through Movement which actually

  • historically, is second. It was used in order

  • to make available to great masses, the benefits which you can get from the

  • individual treatment. therefore it's a very curiously way of doing

  • where your not instructed to do like that

  • and your not given an example

  • should be done like that. and that is very

  • difficult in the beginning. the first few lessons you will see, those who have

  • never been confronted will find it really, really difficult to do

  • because they left to themselves to both

  • listen. perform. and do what is

  • explains to them and judge for themselves whether they do it

  • right or wrong

  • now the thing with right and wrong is only in their mind

  • because we are not interested if we do it right by my standards. my teaching doesn't

  • want make you do what I do

  • but it is intended to make do what you do better

  • after your own judgement



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モシェ・フェルデンクライス-フェルデンクライス・メソッドの二つの部分 (R) (Moshe Feldenkrais-Two Parts of the Feldenkrais Method (R))

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