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  • Another blast from the past today.

  • Trading dominated by the new OPEC is reducing supply that has an effect on bond yield to go up,

  • Cross the world a much more mix effect on stock market.

  • As you can see in the US, energy share is doing very well indeed compare to the rest of the market.

  • However, customers, aren't all there, such as utilities have suffered.

  • Meanwhile, if we take a look at inflation breakevens,

  • they put it full customer acquisition over the next two years drive in bond market,

  • you can see this now almost go up to two percent,

  • The first time in more than two years, that make sense.

  • Prices is gonna be rising,

  • It mainly has implications for other financial markets.

  • One other fascinating point to know - this is how Goldman Sachs is doing compared to the rest of the market.

  • We heard today, that Steven Mnuchin, a Goldman Sachs alumnus will be the new treasury secretary.

  • Apparently many people dislike Goldman Sachs, but as far as the market is concern,

  • They think it's gonna do very well under president Trump.

Another blast from the past today.


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