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  • Welcome again to The Eats of Taipei. Today, we are going to introduce to you Duomo

  • Cafe. [多麽Cafe+]

  • So, at the moment you can see we're on Anhhe Road [安和路],

  • just across from the Taipei Metro, which is by The Far Eastern Hotel [遠東國際大飯店]

  • However, we've got to go this way, so let's go!

  • OK. So well, here we are at Duomo [多麽Cafe+], so let's go in.

  • So, here we are.

  • Ok. I'm here in the kitchen of Duomo [多麽] with the chef, Cooper.

  • Hello

  • Ok. Cooper, this is the Chinese menu.

  • Could you introduce one or two dishes to me please?

  • 我今天要推薦是牛肋條組 特色是莎莎醬 [I want to recommend the Beef Rib Set].

  • 可是我們多麽咖啡自己調製醬汁跟一般外面的醬汁 不太一樣的 [The salsa sauce we make at

  • Duomo is prepared in our own special way.] 所以我們特別推薦的

  • Ok. So that's the beef ribs.

  • And you have a salsa sauce. And,it's your own special home-made salsa

  • sauce. Yeah?

  • Yes!

  • Ok. And what else would you like to recommend?

  • 另外一道是,多麽主廚 意大利面它是我們每天用當季不同的食材下去做變化 [Another dish is the Chef's Special Pasta,

  • which is different every day. We always use seasonal ingredients]

  • 今天是用迷迭香去做變化. [Today we are using rosemary].

  • OK. You have a daily special pasta. Today is the rosemary chicken. [迷迭香雞]

  • Yes.

  • OK. Great.

  • Ok.

  • Ok. Thank you. I look forward to eating that in a moment.

  • Thank you very much

  • Thank you.

  • 好。進烤箱烤 [put it in the oven to cook]

  • Ok. So, this is the beef ribs - cut into pieces.

  • And they have it here with the green salsa sauce - green sauce.

  • so, let me just try a little bit.

  • Mmm.Mmm. Yes, the beef is really nice.

  • So, this dish here is the pasta of the day.

  • So it is the rosemary chicken pasta.

  • So, I'm here with ShiShi.[西西] Hi ShiShi!

  • Hi Francis!

  • (Here) We've got a waffle here and some drinks here.

  • So, ShiShi, what is this drink here?

  • This is a mocha latte. [摩卡拿鐵]

  • Ok. Is there anything special about the latte here?

  • Oh,it's made by real chocolate.

  • Ok. It's made with real chocolate. Looks really nice.

  • I see there's some tea over here.

  • What kind of tea is that?

  • It's homemade.

  • homemade tea?

  • Yeah!

  • It's apple cinnamon tea [蘋果肉桂茶] I believe.

  • Yeah. (I think) we made it by ourselves.

  • Ok

  • It's made by . . . made from apple jam.

  • OK, from your own apple jam.

  • There's no tea bag there, yeah?

  • Yep.

  • Right.

  • And finally, we've got the waffle here. [鬆餅]

  • So, what kind of waffle is this?

  • This is a tuna and potato (waffle) with (the) pizza cheese.

  • It smells really nice.

  • So, basically you do two kinds of waffles, yeah?

  • Earlier, we had some sweet waffles and these are the salty waffles.

  • Yeah

  • Thank you.

  • You're welcome.

  • (Did I say 'ok' then?)

  • Let me just try the tuna and potato waffle.

  • Mmm! It's very nice It's very cheesy.

  • The tuna taste is also very nice.

  • It's a very very nice waffle.

  • This one here is the apple cinnamon tea. It's homemade.

  • so, let me just take a sip.

  • Very refreshing.

  • This is an interesting feature of the restaurant.

  • so this is like a balcony area outside.

  • so, you've got some shrubs there and you can look out into the lane here.

  • Well, we had some great food, some great drink and waffles here.

  • so, if you've got time. I really recommend you come to Duomo Cafe [多麽Cafe+]

  • So, that's it for this edition of The Eats of Taipei. See you again another time.

Welcome again to The Eats of Taipei. Today, we are going to introduce to you Duomo


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