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  • Here we are at the Red House It's just off of Shida Rd on

  • the west side of the street It's fairly near to Heping East Rd

  • The Red House is a popular place. It's a cafe which serves Mexican

  • food and has lots of Belgian beers Let's go inside and check it out.

  • We're here on the second floor

  • of the Red House. It's the afternoon, so it's quite quiet

  • at the moment. I'm here with Lily Hi

  • Lily's going to introduce a few foods and drinks from the Red House

  • Looking here at the appetizers, what's the most popular appetizer

  • at the Red House? Maybe the platter

  • I see it's got all kinds of fried foods Yeah, it's a lot

  • So you would really recommend that one right? Yeah

  • Moving on, I see your main meals here I see a lot of Mexican food

  • Yes the burrito is the most popular It has rice, tortillas, meat, and chips

  • Right, so you've got burritos, fajitas, and enchiladas

  • Also, I notice you have many

  • Belgian beers. And looking through I can see there's Chimay. Let me

  • see what else we can see. Kasteel many other popular Belgian beers.

  • What is the most popular here? The most popular is Malheur 12

  • Is that popular guys and girls, too? Many girls like to drink fruit beer

  • So that's the Floris range, you have strawberry, mango,banana, and passion

  • Thanks for introducing those things

  • I'm here with Vince We're just by the beer frig. As you

  • can see there are many kinds of Belgian beers, here and here, and

  • down here you have the fruit beers and this is the most popular beer

  • they have - Malheur 12. Right Vince? Yes, this is very popular

Here we are at the Red House It's just off of Shida Rd on


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台北・レッドハウスの食べ歩き (Eats of Taipei-Red House)

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