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  • Orange is the color of us holding hands

  • Red is the mark of your lips

  • Green are the views weve seen together

  • Yellow are the stars weve counted

  • Grey is the shadow of you leaving

  • Blue is the emotion of his heart

  • Black is your silent reply

  • White is the loneliness in his world

  • Chuck Close gets closer and closer

  • Yet he cannot see a familiar expression

  • Your shadow is so vividly clear

  • Yet he sees the intermit of light and shadow

  • Romance used to be any restaurant

  • and warmth shared through silent embraces

  • Memories are falling stars in the night

  • The reality is they land on earthly graves

  • Chuck Close gets closer and closer

  • Your beauty created entirely by lines

  • Truth to be told, the distance of our love

  • is as our heart parts, well no longer see each other in detail

  • You showed me

  • Light beholds shadows

  • and laughter remedies tears

  • The fine line between love and hate

  • and the difference between fantasy and reality

  • (I’ve finally opened my eyes

Orange is the color of us holding hands


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G.E.M. 【CHUCK near CHUCK CLOSE】公式MV【HD】鄧紫棋 (G.E.M.【查克靠近 CHUCK CLOSE】Official MV [HD] 鄧紫棋)

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