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*Upbeat music*
Hey guys!
It's Wengie welcome back!
Oh my gosh, there is 3 million of us now!
So now there is 3 million people to hug.
If you're new around here you guys will get used to this.
So today is a...
elbow hug!
Today's video was literally inspired by my life.
In the past week it was that time of the month for me again.
So that means that I felt horrible, I was really fatigued.
and I was just really, really lazy
or maybe I was getting sick?
So that pretty much inspired today's video,
and as we go throw these hacks you will see
that theres like a lazy meter
some off them can get pretty lazy.
After you're watching this video don't forget to comment below
and tell me like how far your lazy meter goes,
because mine is like all the way.
But hold up! if you guys are'nt part of the family yet here already
I am encouraging you guys to join!
This week is a super exciting announcement for our fam
because I'm drawing the 2 macbook air winners
Congratulations the winners are:
so we have to celebrate our 3 million family members right? Somehow.
I decided to do an even bigger giveaway
to celebrate and that is 3 macbook airs.
you know three, three
makes a lot of sense.
All you need to do to be part of the giveaway is to one, be part of the family right here
which means to subscribe
and the other thing is to be part of my vlog squad
which is subscribe to my vlog channel
and that is literally it
oh my gosh, if we can get this video to 120,000 likes that would be amazing
I know you guys can do it
You wengie-corns rock
so without further ado let's get straight to the video, let's go
So hungry! But too hungry to cook
Wish food would just appear
Oh maybe I can just order in o- uh-
Phone's too far away
Ah Mickey. Maybe I can eat my- No. Eating cats is not good
Don't do that
*stomach rumbling*
[Hallucination] Hey Wengie! You look hungry
Could really help you with that
[Real Wengie] K first of all
Who the hell are you? Second of all
What are you doing in my living room? And third of all
Your top is really cute! Where'd you get it from?
[Hallucination] Aw thanks. Well I'm actually you, but like so much smarter, and I'm here to help you out
So, let's get started!
[Real Wengie] Yeah, I really think I'm hallucinating now
So lazy people gotta eat too.
So I have some one minute microwave
mug cooking recipes.
Which is the epitome of laziness.
And not only are they super tasty,
take no preparation time
and are also vegan friendly
They are also very very healthy.
The first recipe is a lental pizza in a mug.
Simply pour three to four table spoons of canned mixed beans,
or however much you like to eat.
This is way healthier than the traditional dough.
and lower in calories as well.
Then add in your choice of toppings.
I use capsicum and mushrooms.
A pinch of Italian herbs
and then spoon in one tablespoon of marinara sauce.
Or you can use pasta sauce
and then finish off with one tablespoon of mozzarella cheese or vegan cheese.
Then pop it in the microwave for one minute
and that is literally it.
You can put some salt and pepper on top to taste
and nom away.
*Pop music*
Next for dessert we have a chocolate mug cake
and it cooks in less than one minute
It's also vegan and low-fat.
Seriously, best combo ever.
You'll need two tablespoons of Wholemeal self raising flour.
One tablespoon of caster sugar or natural sweetener.
One tablespoon of baking powder,
and One tablespoons of unsweetened coca powder.
Two tablespoons of almond milk or I tried soy milk as well
one teaspoon of coconut oil
and a quarter teaspoon of vanilla extract
You can also add chocolate chips as well to your liking
Next bake in the microwave on high for 40 seconds
If its still a little bit raw inside
you can throw it in for another 10
If you like you can add some ice cream or mixed berries
and that will make it complete.
You know when you reach in a chip packet
and keep reaching
and they like seem to take forever to even find a chip.
[Hallucination] Ya, I think you're trying a little bit to hard. We ain't got time for that.
Well this hack will turn your packet of chips
into a chip bowl so you never have to go digging again.
Simply open your chip packet all the way
Put 2 hands on the bottom of the packet
and start scrunching upwards
pushing the middle of the packet all the way up.
You'll see the level of chips rise
as your doing this.
and once your chips are at the top
you can just place this down on the table.
It's perfectly flat on the bottom and your ready to eat
them without reaching much at all.
Super lazy
Mmmm yogurt!
Did I have a spoon
*sad music*
Ugh! What am I gonna do?
[Hallucination] I can help you with that
Did you know you can totally make a spoon out of your yogurt lid?
Just peel it off, lick off the top
Then simply fold it in half,
and the edges over in the middle on both sides like this.
Then do it again and again
Until it gets so narrow you have a handle.
Now just curve the front and you can actually
twist the handle as well to keep it in
place, and voila!
Careful though the edges can be pretty sharp
so I literally just lick it off like this to avoid
cutting my tongue. But this is so awesome
when your super lazy or desprate
and you don't have a spoon, plus you can just
throw it away afterwards and you don't need to wash anything
I don't think I've ironed for ages
Oh no! My collars wrinkly. I'm late.
Wha-what if I rub it?
Ya, that'll do.
[Hallucination] Whoa! Hold up, you literally have the solution in your hand.
If your collar needs ironing but you can't be bothered getting an iron
Just use your hair straightner and it will iron out
any wrinkles. Remember don't do this on delicate fabric
with a low melting point like silk and stuff
not a good idea but cotton should be just fine.
*chipmunk voice* aa ug
*chipmunk voice*
[Hallucination] Ya, it's not burnt. But you know theres like a much easier way.
oven simply just call your phone from your computer then go over and tape it
onto your oven door with the camera side facing in and then turn the light on so
you can see what your bakey and just keep it on your screen in the corner
while you're watching netflix and relaxing and doing whatever you like and
you will never burn anything again we got pretty little liars run it by
letting the root on the couch
why does this always happen when I needed mine I just watch what's on this
build your head yes I said alright your phone
you're welcome
p sabe
no you can download remote apps that will turn your phone into a universal
remote simply program it for all your things you need and you never have to
look for your my ever again to ask you to do the dishes
this is really going to stick on the plate yeah maybe this'll wait a bit
now it's no good just gonna lie down for a little bit
hey sleepyhead
you know you don't have to watch that dish ever again your life 15 that have I
come with me let's be real guys
no one enjoys doing dishes and we got to be somewhat civilized sometimes so try
using clean rap on the bottom of your plate
this is so good for crews that are super sticky and hard to wash off or I just
had to wash off because you just don't do the dishes in time
plus I think it's way better than using tons of paper plates
once you finish eating just simply peel it off and throw it away and your plate
clean no washing so awesome
what are you doing here I think I need your help right now I'm pretty good you
think you're good but grab a hoodie and we're back to front remember to drop the
string and step up the back as well for extra security and you have the perfect
popcorn ball in front of your face
now you can enjoy hands-free eating through concert ridiculous it yourself
oh my god and amazing i don't use Hat I gave my phone reinvented go home then
idea there's whatever they're going to get up g what if i don't know right .
way what I watching that we even related
here take this
I think it's time to bring back the sippy cup
did you know you can turn it upside down and it won't leak but you can still
drink from it through all of them they really need to make versions for adults
and yes you can totally keep hydrated lying down but just got to this chapter
so good i want to put it down okay if I dirt reply then maybe she'll think that
I'm not here alone
ok I'll do it
hey there- actually after rocky red yeah this is really gotta stop
sometimes you just don't want to vacuum right now but someone once you do all
you need to do is find a vacuum and sound
do you wanna meet you halfway is really mad case it is literally for fun but if
you're really desperate just print out a picture of the bottom of your sink and
place it on top of all your dishes and they'll think you've done the dishes
greatest hack ever write can keep my eyes open home if only my arms a tire
can can I leave it on this table
I give up I'm just gonna sleep
don't worry my lazy ones you can easily make your iPad or iPhone stand anywhere
with a flat surface
I'm totally gonna make mine on the side of my bedside table cuz horizontal
watching is the best mark out where your iPad or iPhone will sit
I'm doing
and simply got three wall hooks that are wide enough to hold your iPad and then
stick them on an alternating pattern you can do four hooks all three like this
that once it's done just slip your iPad in and oh my gosh look at it this is so
awesome guys
I have in love
the other day after hit 3 million actually like literally an hour
favoriting and tweeting you guys so that was so much fun i'm going to be doing a
random Twitter followers free so don't forget to follow me on Twitter and
recalling like a hundred extra people
so yeah fingers crossed if you have to any of these during the week winner with
the hashtag OMG Lauren you know i love stalking you guys yet come to that time
where I have to say goodbye miss you guys so much for you soon bye


12 LIFE HACKS Every LAZY PERSON Should Know!!!

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