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  • Hey, how's it going

  • It's time for a update and you know what that means

  • Say hi to Slippy everyone

  • I have an important update I need to make

  • I just realized I forgot something- OH WAIT it's right here

  • Here we go

  • [sad music plays] I'm going away

  • A friend of mine is gonna take care of Slippy while I'm gone

  • I hope they do a good job 'cause I really care about you Slippy

  • I just wish you would stop shitting y'know

  • I'm going away to Los Angeles just like I did last year if you remember


  • [sighs] I hate myself

  • I'm not supposed to say why I'm there but I'm going at the exact same time, for the exact same amount

  • just like I did last year

  • so if you have a brain you'll figure out that I'm doing Scare Pewdiepie

  • I don't know why I'm not supposed to say that

  • just makes everything complicated for no good reason

  • but yeah I'll be away for three weeks but I decided that I was gonna daily vlog during that time

  • last year I had prepared videos in advance and it was a fucking nightmare

  • it's the worst time-

  • OH oh it's coming, he's shitting

  • Uh shit, it's- it's a lot of shit happening here

  • okay alright

  • yeah no last year was the worst point in my YouTube career

  • because I was so forced to make videos while I was being away

  • so this year I just decided to daily vlog instead

  • I'm gonna daily vlog

  • I'M GONNA DAILY VLOG it's a huge announcement

  • I'm daily vlog- Slippy do you understand the consequences of what's happening?

  • Gonna daily vlog, it should be a lot of fun I'm really excited

  • I'm- I'm genuinely excited 'cause I, uhm

  • y'know, y'know how people call their vlogs something especial like vlogmas, or like the vlogly and whatever

  • I'm gonna call it birdabo

  • For absolutely no reason at all

  • just thought it was the dumbest name I could think of

  • I think my videos have been pretty inconsistent lately

  • which, believe it or not, still kinda affects me

  • if a video if doing badly I'm not- not too happy about it

  • I think it would be nice for me to change the pace a little bit, do something different for a while

  • and I think you bros will enjoy it as well

  • last year's vlogs were very very popular and successful and a lot of people liked them

  • so I think it could be a lot of fun to share that adventure with you guys

  • and we'll still do regular videos while I'm there as well

  • but I think the main thing is going to be the daily vlogging

  • the birdabo

  • gonna meet a lot of cool people while I'm in L.A, I'm really excited

  • there's a lot of people flying in for the show

  • I think a lot of Scare Pewdiepie didn't really work

  • but I think a lot of it, some episodes are really really really funny

  • and I think we really focused in on what worked and we're just gonna keep doing that

  • yeah been, uhm- been kinda stressing out over me leaving for such a long time

  • so for me to be away uhmmm it freaks- freaks you out a little bit but you know

  • daily vlogging, it should be fun!

  • birdabo everyone, birdabo, clap it up

  • it's gonna be very hype and ha- happy

  • [laughs] I'll be your hands, good Gabba, this looks awesome by the way I just realized

  • [mimicking Gabba's voice] Hey how's it going, it's Gabba here, lemme tell you about birdabo

  • oh what am I doing, this so silly this is not my hands why would I do-

  • Thank you, uhm, for always supporting me whenever I do different stuff

  • uhm, I'm really proud to have an audience that lets me explore and do different things

  • even though sometimes it doesn't work, sometimes it does and I really appreciate that you guys are here

  • The fact that you guys have been supporting me for years is incredible and just I-

  • I do not think I'd still be where I am today, a year ago while doing the same thing

  • honestly I'm just happy to be able to do this and I- from the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting that

  • 'cause you make it happen by watching my videos so I really hope you will enjoy birdabo

  • It's gonna be a fresh... new... EXPERIENCE and that's it from me for now

  • Stay awesome bros

  • did i really spend two hours captioning this

  • the answer is yes

Hey, how's it going


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