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  • Hi everyone and welcome to Nicko's Kitchen once again.

  • Today we are doing the sequel to our chocolate cake recipe were making a delicious White Chocolate Mud Cake!

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  • Ok, so we are making absolutely deliciously good mud cake.

  • Its a white chocolate mud cake. Guys now, for those long time Nicko's kitchen viewers,

  • we made a chocolate mud cake almost 2 years ago. I cant believe its gone that quick

  • but almost two years ago we made the chocolate mud cake. If you haven't seen that recipe, links are below.

  • But this one were gonna do a White Chocolate Mud Cake and this is what your going to need.

  • Your gonna need obviously some white chocolate, some sugar, some eggs, creme, butter, milk, plain flour

  • and some self rising flour. Now if you cant get self rising flour OK just use the same measurements

  • with the plain flour just with a little baking power added.

  • OK guys so first thing I wanna do is just in a cold pan

  • we haven't got the heat on yet, just put in your milk

  • your butter,

  • your chocolate

  • and last but not least, your sugar

  • Now guys that is a heart attack right there all by itself!

  • Now what we wanna do OK is just very slowly we want to let this all melt together

  • So very very low heat and just keep stirring it until its all melted together.

  • So that's what were after guys, just this beautiful sort of pale, yellow buttery creme sugar milk mixture

  • That is the nectar of the gods. Now you want to leave this for about 15min to cool OK,

  • because you don't want to put the eggs in it and they'll scramble, so 15min just leave it off to the side to cool.

  • Now guys into a large bowl we want to add our plain flour, and our self rising flour

  • Then guys I want to add in our chocolate mixture that we've left to cool

  • And then I want to add in our eggs, and just give that a good mix through.

  • And that's it guys that all you have to do. So now I'm going to put this in our cake tin.

  • So guys I've just lined our cake tin, now I've lined it twice on the bottom with baking paper

  • Not once but twice OK just don't want the bottom to burn because its going to be in the oven for quite some time

  • Now guys I hope your sitting down for this because here comes your food porn moment... . . .

  • OK guys so that goes into a preheated oven at 180 degrees C. very low, and It goes in there for an hour and twenty minutes.

  • Low and slow but its gonna keep it nice and moist, so an hour and twenty minutes

  • and this bad boy will be done!

  • Now were going to get started on our chocolate ganache

  • now chocolate ganache is just chocolate and creme OK but obviously

  • were making a white chocolate version, so first thing, very low heat and some creme into the pan

  • and then some white chocolate and melt that down really really slowly until its nice and thick.

  • OK guys so our chocolate ganache is done. Now I want you to leave that for about

  • 15-20 minutes just to leave it to cool slightly, and then were going to ice this bad boy.

  • Alrighty guys so we have taken out our cake, we've left it to cool

  • now what I've done, because your going to get a much better finish, just turn the cake on its back

  • OK because the flat side its gonna be much easier to put our ganache on.

  • So guys this is what they call the "the money shot", were icing our cake.

  • Now I've done this on a board OK and I've just let the icing go all over the top and its just gonna drip down over the sides

  • so there is no need to get your spatchula out at all. OK so just leave it to sit now, then

  • were going to cut this bad boy open.

  • And that my friends is the perfect white chocolate mud cake that you can do at home

  • you don't have to go out and spent $40 buying one from one of those shops, you know where I'm talking about

  • So that is the perfect white chocolate mud cake, have a look at it, that is gotta admit, that looks awesome!

  • Alrighty guys so now its time to give this a taste.

  • Have a look at that, so moist, yum O.

  • Oh MAN! Oh MMMMM.

  • This is one of those dishes guys that you must must try before you die otherwise you haven't lived.

  • All the ingredients are below, just click the arrow button and all the ingredients will pop up.

  • You guys take care, and I'll see you next time.

  • ♪♪♪Nickos theme music♪♪♪

Hi everyone and welcome to Nicko's Kitchen once again.


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