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  • A gay dog, buffalo, and lion walk into an Indiana bar,

  • the bartender says, "we don't serve your kind here."

  • Whoa whoa whoa whoa.

  • I wouldn't turn a lion away. That's discrimination!

  • He's not lying.

  • Howdy friends! Trace here for D News with a special guest Natalia Reagan.

  • She is an anthropologist, and a primatologist, and she's awesome.

  • Hey guys!

  • There's currently a great debate raging across the United States about a law in Indiana which allegedly allows businesses to discriminate based on religious freedoms.

  • Ironically called The Religious Freedom Act.

  • Sparking outrage from the LGBT community as they are clear targets of this legislation.

  • Discrimination and prejudice has evolutionary roots. But then again, so does homosexuality.

  • Research done in the 90's and early 2000's look at sheeps' sexual orientation.

  • As they are some of the gayest animals in the animal kingdom.

  • As many in one in ten rams can be gay and will live exclusively gay lives with only male partners even with fertile females around.

  • The researchers believe they found a biological underpinning for homosexuality by studying these rams' hypothalamuses.

  • Gay ram's hypothalami maybe was biologically different than straight ram's.

  • Bah bah. They were born this way.

  • You know it.

  • It's not just sheep. More than 450 vertebrates and more than 1500 species overall engage in homosexual acts of plenty,

  • illustrating that homosexuality isn't against nature.

  • It's completely part of nature.

  • Beetles, birds, bonobos, bats,

  • dolphins, orangutans, macaques, and penguins.

  • Dragonflies, albatrosses, dogs and cats, even lions all exhibit homosexual behavior.

  • Yep. That mighty king of the jungle ain't afraid to engage in a little spooning, sporking, and even forking of the same sex.

  • But why? Why would nature evolve something that seems counter to evolution?

  • Right? If the origin of species is correct, and we're all here to achieve reproductive success allowing us to spread our genes far and wide,

  • then why would organisms evolve not to do that?

  • Science is still working on it.

  • There are a number of theories though.

  • Female Japanese macaques were observed mounting each other even when suitable males were around.

  • And they hypothesize it may be a way to climb the social ladder.

  • By becoming a dominant female in a social group and thus, gaining influence and resources.

  • Though other researchers claim that homosexual behavior could come down as something as simple as seeking pleasure.

  • These animals are just doing what feels good.

  • Research with giraffes found one in twenty would be necking with a member of the same sex at any given moment.

  • While bonobos and dolphins are generally bisexual.

  • But will go through phases of exclusive homosexual activity.

  • They gotta give it the old college try right?

  • But it's not just for show.

  • Some animals sustain lifelong homosexual relationships, like penguins.

  • Researchers from the University of Minnesota found permanently pair bonded female-female couples raised chicks and nearly as well as female-male couples.

  • Not quite as well, but better than a single female penguin would have done.

  • This indicates to those researchers that homosexual pair bonds may have evolved as a way to better raise young.

  • They can even raise chicks that were fertilized by a dominant male that was separated from the pair bond without having to pair bond with that male.

  • Benefits all around.

  • Totally. Roy and Silo, two male chinstrap penguins that once lived in the central park zoo had a long term love affair that included an adoption of a chick.

  • The two remained together for 6 six years until Silo found his eyes were wandering to a newly introduced female named Scrappy.

  • So just because Roy shtupped Silo yesterday doesn't mean he can't get down with Scrappy today too. Right?

  • Right? Yeah! If these animals can teach us something it's that sexuality is not static or fixed, but fluid and flexible.

  • Obviously, ya'll are gonna have comments about this.

  • So go down into the comments section and leave them there.

  • You can also subscribe for for D News and Natalia, where can they find you if they wanna learn more?

  • They can actually find me on Youtube. I have a Youtube channel Natalia13Reagan.

  • Please subscribe and see some fun science comedy videos.

  • Thanks for watching everybody.

A gay dog, buffalo, and lion walk into an Indiana bar,


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