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  • Another distinct way we can remember information is through Schemas. We can

  • define Schemas as a mental framework that develops from our experiences with

  • particular people, objects or events. That is you can think of schemas

  • as framework for representing some aspects of the world. That tells us how

  • people, objects or events are most likely to look like or act like. Schemas

  • influence our attention, and the absorption of new knowledge. In fact, we're

  • more likely to notice things that fit into our schema once we have a schema

  • formed. So they help us to understand and organize experiences. They can also

  • aid in our memory and recall. However, it's important to note that schemas have

  • a tendency to remain unchanged. Even if we're presented with new information

  • that contradicts our schema. Let's say you have a schema of a college

  • professor, that is, you have a conceptual idea of what a professor looks like.

  • Perhaps if they're a man or a woman, how old they are. How tall they are or how

  • they dress. So, it may be that someone's schema for a professor is that they're

  • old. They wear sports jackets with patches in the elbows, they have glasses,

  • they carry a briefcase, they're male and other identifying features of a

  • professor. So, if that's a person's schema for a professor, research shows that

  • if he or she is presented with new information that is contradictory of that

  • schema. For example, if being a young woman who dresses rather casually,

  • carrying a back pack rather than a brief case and so on. The person with the

  • developed schema will be less likely to remember the female professor. So

  • schemas can aid in our ability to remember, but they also bias our memory and

  • our perception.

Another distinct way we can remember information is through Schemas. We can


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スキーマ - 心理学入門 (Schemas - Intro to Psychology)

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