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  • hey everyone this is Dori I'm a teacher of

  • English and today I'm going to show you the strategy and the plan

  • you need to follow in order to write a letter

  • in IELTS General Task 1 okay

  • first of all let's take a task as an example okay let's read our task

  • okay this is your task

  • it is obviously a formal letter firstly you have to begin your letter

  • with Dear

  • if you don't know the person's name

  • you're writing to, then you will write

  • like here. After that

  • things are pretty simple you don't need to feel anxious or confused about this

  • task simply you will use

  • one-paragraph for each of these points

  • over here so one paragraph for this one

  • one second paragraph for this one and one

  • last paragraph for your third point

  • so let's read our first point

  • again. So in your first paragraph you will introduce yourself

  • and of course

  • you will state the reason of your writing this letter

  • okay? so, let's see...

  • As you can see you immediately state the reason of your writing this letter

  • Moving on...

  • And now you actually introduce yourself al right

  • as you can see you will have to make some things

  • up but it won't be difficult just use the information you're given

  • and your imagination. The important thing is your grammar

  • also notice that I didn't use contractions

  • I used I am writing instead of I' m

  • I am twenty three years old instead

  • of I' m again and I have studied

  • I have graduated instead of I've

  • studied- I' ve graduated ok also

  • since this is a formal letter please as a whole prefer

  • the passive voice for example which was

  • recently advertised okay now

  • accordingly you will write one paragraph for the second point let's read it

  • so you will

  • talk about your former experience and skills

  • and then your last paragraph is going to be about the third point

  • Lastly you're going to close your letter with this phrase

  • over here

  • please note that this is a standard expression

  • we learn it as is, so don't be confused by the fact that there is an -ing

  • here

  • after -to alright? this is how it goes I'm looking forward to hearing from

  • you

  • Yours faithfully and then your name and surname- your name and last name you

  • should put

  • both

  • please note that when you know the person's name that you're writing to,

  • it is not for example "Dear Sir/Madam" you know the name it is

  • let's just say Dear Mr. Jones, then you will

  • end your letter with yours sincerely

  • instead of yours faithfully and of course

  • your name but if you do not know the name

  • you will write as we've seen Dear Sir/Madam

  • and yours faithfully and your name both your name and your surname

  • okay that's it now you just need to improve your grammar

  • syntax vocabulary and please your spelling

  • if you want to read the rest of the letter you can do it here

  • in this link

hey everyone this is Dori I'm a teacher of


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