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  • Welcome to "The World in 60 Seconds" from FirstFT.

  • Brexit will cost UK as much as 20 billion EURO.

  • Research by the FT has added up unpaid budget appropriations, pension liabilities, and other commitments.

  • Several senior European figures says the size of the bill threatens to poison the politics of the breakup and

  • derail the Brexit transition and trade deal.

  • Donald Trump is facing fresh allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior.

  • Four women accused him of groping them or making unwelcome advances.

  • Just a day after it released, the video that he bragged in vulgar terms about groping women,

  • polls showed Mr. Trump's poll falling over the past fortnight.

  • And the chief of disgraced U.S banking giant WELLS FARGO stepped down.

  • John Stumpf has been on the press for regulators after the bank was found fraudulently created as many as 2 million accounts.

  • Its replacement by two Wells Fargo insiders has prompted further criticism by politicians.

Welcome to "The World in 60 Seconds" from FirstFT.


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200億ユーロのBrexit法案、トランプ氏のグロスペ主張|FirstFT (€20bn Brexit bill, Trump grope claims | FirstFT)

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