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  • If youve clicked on this video that means that you have got some interest in learning Japanese or any other language

    この動画を見てるってことは、 日本語、またはその他の言語を学びたいってことだね

  • If not then I don’t know what to say


  • Whether it's for a future trip, for business or just for the love of the language

    将来の旅行の為、仕事の為、 またはただ単に言語オタクか

  • You will definitely encounter some difficulties and today I've listed a few common ones

    ってことで今回は ちょっと難しい表現をまとめてみたよ

  • Let's check it out now!


  • Actually I only have one that took a while to set up..just for this shot

    ちなみにカメラは1台しかないから これやるのにちょっと時間かかった

  • Japanese has so many different levels of politeness

    日本語って同じことでも 表現の仕方がめちゃくちゃあるんだ。

  • It's like one million


  • Depending on the person you talk to, and their age, you will talk with a different level of politeness

    話す相手、相手の年齢などで 表現を変えたりするんだよ

  • Just like in any other language actually


  • Example sentence: « Call me later » -> Ato de denwa shite ne!


  • That’s for friends, family, your dog..


  • Could you call me later? Ato de denwa kuremasen ka?


  • Basic level Japanese


  • I wonder if you could call me later? Nochi hodo o denwa itadakemasen deshou ka


  • Now we are entering the realm of the Business level Japanese


  • I would really appreciate it if you could call me later.


  • Nochi hodo o denwa itadakemasu to saiwai desu.


  • Politeness Overload

    こういう表現は中々覚えるの難しいけど でも、日本の会社で働いてたらすぐ覚えられるよ

  • All these different levels with their unique vocabulary can be kinda difficult to learn, but if you are working in a Japanese company youll get it pretty quickly!


  • The second one, and the one that almost made me want to stop learning Japanese is the passive and active voice.

    日本語習い始めて3ヶ月くらいだと 「これはペンです」みたいな簡単な表現を知ってるだけだ

  • Just imagine the situation, it's been like 3 months you just started learning the language, you know how to say "this is a pen"


  • And then suddenly out of nowhere


  • You start being attacked by all these phrases like


  • "The pies would always be made by my mother"


  • And you're like:

    日本語は受動態になると、 めっちゃくちゃ表現が難しくなるんだ

  • Oh my gooooooooooood


  • Because in Japanese when you conjugate a verb in the passive form the verb it's starts to get really long and difficult to pronounce


  • For example with the sentence:


  • I eat bread - Watashi wa pan o taberu


  • The bread is eaten by me - Pan wa watashi ni taberareru

    他にもあるけど、今はやめとこう。 「食べさせる」とか「食べさせられる」とか

  • Taberareru, taberareru, taberareru


  • And let's not talk about all the forms that come after that.... tabesaseru, tabesaserareru

    300万もの漢字があって、 読み書きを学ばないといけない。

  • The third and most common problem people encounter when learning Japanese is of course the Kanji


  • There's like 3 million of them and you need to learn how to read and write them

    個人的なアドバイスは たくさん読むことだね

  • I'm gonna be honest though there's not like one simple method do it and you become perfect in kanji

    子供が読むような本を読むといいよ。 となりのトトロとかハリーポッターとか。

  • Personally for me, kanji...the biggest tip I could give you is to read a lot!


  • I would pick up like children books like Totoro or even like, Harry Potter


  • and basically every time I encounter a Kanji that I'd never seen before or that I couldn't read

    でもめっちゃ大変なんだ。 2ページ読むのに30分くらいかかる

  • I would stop and check out in the dictionary what the meaning was

    でも、その努力の甲斐あって 結構スピードがあがってきた

  • This was very very painful technique because it took me like 30 minutes to read two pages


  • Although thanks to that, I picked up a lot of speed


  • and now I can read more mature books like this one

    みんなが言語を学ぶときに苦労したことあったら コメントで教えて。

  • That's it for today guys!


  • Tell me in the comments below, what's the most difficult thing you've encountered when learning Japanese?


  • For my Japanese viewers what is the most difficult thing about learning English or any other language?

    日本人で英語を学びたい人は ぜひVoiceTubeをチェックしてみて ビジネス英語も学べるよ!

  • I'm gonna list a few apps and websites that I used to learn Japanese


  • And if you're Japanese and looking to study English then check out the website VoiceTube where you can actually practice Business Level English

  • See you guys in the next video! Bye bye!!

If youve clicked on this video that means that you have got some interest in learning Japanese or any other language

この動画を見てるってことは、 日本語、またはその他の言語を学びたいってことだね

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