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  • You have to really find your passion. That’s the only way to build determination over time.

  • Determination is not something that comes overnight. When you decide what you want to

  • dedicate your life to, it takes time to find out how you are going to get there. You have

  • to settle on a true purpose in life. Whenever you come across someone that is determined,

  • they always have a strong passion for their life’s purpose.

  • The most common problem that people have with building determination is ironically, too

  • many goals. Many people want to do way more things than there is time for. They say they

  • want to get in better shape, build a business, find the significant other of their dreams,

  • learn some skills. But there’s no time! You can’t possibly do all of these things,

  • not at once. You have to stick one thing. The thing that you are truly passionate about.

  • You can’t afford to get distracted. Any time you miss part of your routine or you

  • fail to work on your goals. Youre falling behind. It snowballs. One night of bad sleep

  • can lead to waking up late, missing your gym workout, missing your extra hour to work on

  • your passion. Many missed opportunities.

  • To make a commitment, you have to wake up every day and say “I’m going to do what

  • it takes. I’m going to go after my dreams. Even if I’m tired. Even if I’m running

  • out of ideas. Even if I’m not sure what the future holds.” Because determination

  • is not about the external forces that you have no control over. It’s entirely internal.

  • It’s about your actions. Your motivation. Your daily decisions.

  • In order to commit to your passion you must enjoy the grind. Sometimes there’s a ton

  • of work to do to achieve your goals. Sometimes you get little results or even no results

  • for that hard work. But if you are determined youll commit to your goals like a routine.

  • An activity that you do every day regardless of how you feel or how your results come out.

  • Because the day to day results don’t represent the big picture. Focus on the milestones.

  • Map out your determination with long term and short term goals. Because you can’t

  • let your commitment wane. Once you have built up those positive habits, it’s easier to

  • maintain them then it is to build them from scratch again. Determination is part of having

  • a strong character. If you learn to build determination you can accomplish any idea

  • you can conceive of.

You have to really find your passion. That’s the only way to build determination over time.


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決意の構築 - モチベーションを高めるビデオ (Building Determination - Motivational Video)

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