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Pockets are gonna be hugely different.
We never have pockets.
There's no pockets in these bad boys.
These are just my legs!
I don't think there are, like, women's and men's cloth. Like, now that's kinda' gone.
Men's fashion is definitely becoming a lot more feminine, more expressive.
Women would probably go under the radar a lot more, wearing men's cloth.
Because that's just clothes.
So, what we got here? Shirt, pants and jacket.
Yeah, there's a lot more armpit room.
Which is good. From my boobs.
My main problem is: I'm too warm
There's a lot of fabric, guys.
I feel protected.
Oh, is this something men have to learn growing up?
Like, putting on a bra?
Oh, wait, wait, wait!
Oh yeah...
If you're totally cool...
...too cool for school,
you wear it like that!
...and you get suspended!
People're gonna take me seriously.
You got the job!
I could go to the butchers right now,
and order meat confidently.
If I wanna go out like this right now?
I would!
I won't!
But if I did want to,
then I would!
It's nice, that there's this nice little...
I feel like I look like a three year old,
that's dressingup in her dad's -
I'm enjoying all this 'getting undressed at work'-stuff.
I'm thinking: Kevin Bacon...
with this T-shirt.
I feel so boyish.
This... This feels less cool.
I feel very masculine.
They're definitely not made for women.
No bum.
It's like, packed in there.
I don't feel like people are gonna be checkin' out my booty...
cause' my booty is like here.
That's just kinda like you can get up,
put on a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt.
You could do it doggone and wear the same stuff every day.
Oh, god!
I've always wondered about that little pocket that guys have,
cause they don't even use lipstick.
Nice and strechy...
I feel, like, exposed.
Boys! what do you-
Oh, my god!
What is this?
Oh, look at this!
For a woman, this'll be like a pocket.
So you can like:
Well if I-
I presume it's for when you're going to the bathroom,
and you're like reach in and takin' out your
Maybe I can't, like, really know...
Well hold on, if I was a guy,
there would probably be a lot more sock.
This is just wrong.
It feels like a little baby.
You'd be goin' round
just protecting yourself all the time.
Wouldn't you? You would just going around like that.
The fact that your genitals are outside of you body
is... is a pity when it comes to walking around in public.
it feels a bit weird getting back into my own clothes...
I'm a bit disappointed actually.
I'm wearing women's clothes again.
Perceptions change,
like, next year
it could be 'the fashion' because one pop singer says, that it's cool now.
...because David Beckham wears a skirt.
I felt out of my element in the suit,
because of it was very kind of
straight and colorless and no personality in it and stuff.
I'm going to be more empathetic towards man,
who have big bulges on the outside.



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