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Somewhere, hidden among-st thorny brambles, is a little kingdom of elves and fairies.
Everyone who lives here is very, very small.
I’m Ben Elf. [blow horns] woof woof
And I’m Princess Holly.
Come on, let’s play!
Wait for us!
Today’s adventure starts at the little castle.
This is a perfect day for a royal fairy picnic.
Good idea, Queen Thistle.
Hooray! I love picnics!
Nanny Plum, prepare the royal picnic basket.
Yes, your Majesty, and will we be having magic jelly for pudding?
Err….maybe we should give the magic jelly a miss this year?
But we always have magic jelly at the royal picnic.
Well, if you promise not to flood the entire kingdom with jelly, like last year.
Trust me, your Majesty. Nothing will go wrong this time.
Mummy, can Ben come on the picnic?
But, Holly, Ben is an elf.
And this is a royal FAIRY picnic.
Please can Ben come!? He’s my best friend.
Well, I suppose, as he’s your best friend.
Hooray! I’ll ring him.
Hello? Mrs Elf speaking.
Hello, Mrs Elf. Can I speak to Ben, please?
Righto. Ben, it’s Princess Holly.
Hi, Holly
Hi, Ben. Would you like to come on the royal fairy picnic today?
Yes, please!
Good! Come to the castle as quick as you can.
Mom, I’ve been invited on the royal fairy picnic.
How lovely! You’ll need plenty of food, so you have enough food to share. What would you like?
Um… pies, cheese and some fruit, please?
I’ll put in a whole strawberry. Then you have enough to everyone.
Thanks mum.
Bye! See you later.
Look everyone, its Ben.
Hello, everyone.
This should be fun. We’ve never had an elf before on our royal picnic before.
Thank for inviting me. That looks heavy. Can I help you carry it?
Oh, thanks, Ben.
Oh. But it’s really light.
It’s a magic basket. Don’t worry, Ben. You’ll see.
Look! It’s Gaston the Ladybird.
Hi, Gaston. Daddy can Gaston join our picnic?
I’m not sure. What did you say?
Nanny Plum can speak Ladybird language.
Gaston says he would like the pleasure of joining Princess Holly and Ben Elf on the Royal Fairy Picnic. Your Majesty.
Very well. It’s just a pity he is a bit smelly. Nanny Plum. Can you translate that?
Yes, I can, but I’d rather not.
Ah, here we are, the royal picnic spot.
What’s this?
It’s food for the picnic.
You mean you actually bring food with you to a picnic?
It’s probably some strange elf custom, Your Majesty.
How charming.
I’ve got plenty of food for everyone.
Thanks, Ben, but fairies don’t eat elf food. We have our own special fairy food.
Here it is.
Oh, but the basket is empty. You’ve forgotten your food.
Silly Ben, it isn’t empty. It’s a magic picnic basket.
It can give as anything we want.
Let’s start with the drinks. I feel like some sparkling fairy juice. Magic basket, oh, so old, let’s have fairy juice, sparkling and cold.
Yes, young elf, it is rather impressive.
Ben, perhaps you would like to choose the drinks for the children.
It can be anything you like.
Anything? Can I really ask for anything.
Yes, anything at all.
OK. Lemonade, please.
Isn’t that a bit boring and ordinary?
Elves like lemonade, and I‘m an elf.
But, Ben, you can choose you like in the whole wide world.
In that case, lemonade with a dollop of ice-cream.
Are you sure you wouldn’t like something more exotic?
OK, lemonade with two dollops of ice-cream.
Good choice Ben. Magic basket, please, lemonade with lots of ice cream.
Hurray! Thanks, Holly.
Don’t forget Gaston.
What do ladybird like to drink?
They like smelly things.
That’s right. By a ladybird’s growl, may the next drink be foull.
Nanny, you’ve made it too stinky, even for Gaston.
Nonsense! Ladybirds love rotten cabbage juice.
Now, for the main course. Magic basket, please, make as sandwiches with ham and cheese.
And, now full pudding.
Hurray! Magic jelly.
Nanny Plum, please don’t make too much this time.
We don’t want a repeat of last year’s jelly flood.
What happened?
Holly, Daisy and Poopy always help me make the pudding.
But last year we made bit too much and we…
Flooded the whole kingdom with jelly.
I remember the jelly flood. Was that you?
Yes, that was us.
It was rather spectacular.
But it’s not going to happen again. Is it Nanny Plum?
Don’t worry, Your Majesty. We’ve been practising safe new words that keeps the quantity down. Come along, girls.
Can I help too?
Yes, Ben. Children, repeat after me. Magic basket, please, jelly, jelly, but not a lot.
Magic basket, please, jelly, jelly, but not a lot. Hurray!
They’re a bit small?
They are quite little, aren’t they?
Yes. We’ll need more.
OK. Let’s try this. Basket, basket, more, more, more.
Basket, Basket, more, more, more.
Phew! From a moment there, I thought we were going to have another jelly flood.
Jelly flood, jelly flood, jelly flood.
Nanny, there’s too much jelly.
Stop it, Nanny!
Shasam, shasing. Magic pudding, shrink, shrink, shrink.
Nanny, try a stronger spell!
I could use the stop magic spell, but that’s only for Royal emergencies.
I declare this a royal emergency!
Thunder and lightning north winds blow. Magic spells, away you go.
It worked! Huray!
Nanny! Where’s our food?
Sorry, I had to stop all the magic. And that included our magic picnic.
That’s strange. My food is still here.
That’s because it wasn’t made by magic.
And, luckily I’ve enough for everyone.
Thank you, Ben.
But, Nanny, you said fairies don’t eat elf food?
yes. Thank you for reminding me, Princess Holly.
We can have a nice time without a picnic? Let’s sit and anjoy the view.
I’m a bit hungry
Me too. I don’t believe I’ve ever eaten elf food before.
Would you like try some, King Thistle?
Oh! Thank you, Ben. Yum, yum!
Elf food is delicious.
It’s really is. Nanny Plum, you must try some.
Very well, your Majesty. Seeing seeing as it’s a Royal command.
And here is another Royal command. When you have a fairy picnic, always take an elf.


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