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  • Every Burger?

  • The Hell is this?

  • The tiniest cheeseburger I've ever seen.

  • Like a burger filled with chocolate. I mean, nothing's wrong with that.

  • Oh my God, What?

  • There's even cheese!

  • It has like a sesame seed bun.

  • I think there are actual sesame seed on this.

  • I wish this was a cereal, though. Honestly.

  • Oh, it actually says how to open.

  • There's some instructions here but, I don't like to follow instructions.

  • "Attach the plunger", is this the plunger?

  • Ow!

  • So maybe we'll look at the instructions.

  • Press down firmly with the base of your palm to release the marble... *Laughing*

  • Ew look at the marble! This is probably what babies look like before they come out.

  • If you're thirsty, don't get this drink.

  • It went in!

  • Mmm Hmmm!

  • That's not bad. I mean it does taste like a dentist office.

  • But I like the ball.

  • I like shrimp, I like chips, but combining them?

  • Oh... *Laughing*

  • It's like, "Ahhhh, lots of shrimp!"

  • Ah, man.

  • It's like if you misted french fries with shrimp.

  • But I kind of like it.

  • They're super good!

  • Cream Collon, they look like beautiful little cream puffs.

  • Collon's just what I want in a snack.

  • That's a good name for a cookie.

  • It looks like combos but like a sweet combo.

  • It smells of yogurt.

  • Yes, yes cream collon.

  • Ok I'm guessing it's their version of beef jerky.

  • They look like dreadlocks.

  • This is a worm, right?

  • I like this.

  • It sort of tastes like a fish-burp.

  • As I chewing it, I like it less and less.

  • I would eat this squid-jerky.

  • It's actually really good.

  • At this point I don't like it at all anymore.

  • Ah, we're gonna, we're gonna take some water here.

Every Burger?


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アメリカ人は日本のスナックを試食する(後編 (Americans Taste Test Japanese Snacks (Part 2))

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