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  • Did you happen to take note of what happens at the end of Beowulf? I don't mean all the

  • weeping and wailing about Beowulf's death. I mean what Wiglaf says starting in line 2887.

  • "Every one of you with freeholds of land, our whole nation,

  • will be dispossessed, once princes from beyond get tidings of how you turned and fled

  • and disgraced yourselves. A warrior will sooner die than live a life of shame."

  • What he's saying is that the Geats had an opportunity to be heroes, and they chose not

  • to be.

  • So what?

  • You'll find out.

  • I understand that Beowulf had some pretty superhuman characteristics.

  • I understand that the guy is not just characterized as an epic warrior, but also as some kind

  • of Messiah.

  • And I understand that most of us normal peeps don't feel a whole lot like heroes.

  • But that's why Wiglaf's speech at the end of the poem

  • is so important. It sets out the single characteristic that differentiates between a hero and everyone

  • else.

  • It's choice.

  • Yes, all those qualities of loyalty and bravery and courage and cunning help. But think about

  • it. Those warriors that Wiglaf was beratingthey probably had those qualities.

  • They chose not to use what they'd been given.

  • They chose to run away instead of acting.

  • In the end, that's what I loved about this poem. It made me realize that in every situation,

  • I have a choice to do something constructiveeven if acting constructively just means recycling,

  • or giving up my seat on the bus.

  • I want to be a hero for our time.

  • Don't you?

Did you happen to take note of what happens at the end of Beowulf? I don't mean all the


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